12 Exfoliating Body Lotions That Make Your Skin Smoother and More Radiant—Fast


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I love a good facial exfoliant as much as the next person, as it really helps keep my pores clean and my skin feeling smoother. I won’t lie to you, though: I’ve started to need a little decongesting elsewhere on my body and it seems like it might be time to invest in a solid exfoliating body lotion. I’ve had my qualms about body lotions that contain AHAs or BHAs in the past because I though they would increase my risk of being sunburned. After all, I’ll definitely be the first to admit that I don’t wear body sunscreen every single day (it’s too much of a hassle). That’s why I decided to call in a dermatologist on this one and get the scoop.

Corey Hartman, a board-certified dermatologist and member of the Paula’s Choice Science Advisory Board, was able to set me straight. “Theoretically, hydroxy acids can increase the risk of sunburn, but the concentration of the active ingredients in body lotion is so low that the actual risk of increased sensitivity to ultraviolet light is also quite low,” he says. If you’re struggling with body acne, dark spots, or just dry, bump texture on your skin, an exfoliating body lotion can actually really help if used consistently. It shouldn’t, however, be the only thing you use if you have serious and persistent blemishes. “While an exfoliating lotion will certainly not hurt acne or dark spots, the first priority should be clearing the acne which will prevent the dark spots from developing in the first place,” says Hartman. “And because a body lotion is necessary to moisturize the skin of the body anyway, investing in one with an alpha- or beta-hydroxy acid adds an extra layer of therapy with no extra steps.” 

If your routine could use an upgrade and you want smoother, clearer skin, keep scrolling below for the best exfoliating body lotions to add to your regimen.


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