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2022 Has *Already* Been the Best Year for New Mascaras—These Pics Prove It


Up first, I’m testing 2022’s mascara launches. This year’s mascara formulas are entirely built on innovation. Think tubing formulas, miles of length, and blown-out volume. Check out how all of these formulas look on my lashes, plus my honest reviews of how they wore throughout the day. I left one eye bare for comparison’s sake.

Let’s make sure we’re on the same page in terms of formula. In my eyes, the perfect mascara adds tons of length without looking spidery, pumps up the volume so I get a fanned-out effect without clumping lashes together, and holds a curl all day. Even if a formula does all those things, it absolutely cannot smear under my eyes as the day wears on—I, above all, hate smeared raccoon eyes. I’m willing to work to take a near-perfect formula off at the end of the night, but an easily washable mascara is a pro. I always use a lash curler—here’s my favorite one before we get started.


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