29 Random But Useful Items I Actually Own and Think You Might Like Too


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Although I do make impulse purchases from time to time (like the orange Zara dress I ordered in bed at 2 a.m. last night), most of what I buy is well-thought-out. I’ve made too many regrettable purchases in my adult years to have it any other way. When deciding what my closet needs, I really evaluate my lifestyle, my existing wardrobe, and whether the price makes the longevity of the item worth it. In other words, is it useful?

We all have a collection of random fashion items in our closets. They’re not all useful, but I’m here to talk about the ones that are. From my favorite not-too-short denim shorts to the bodysuit I wear over and over to the carry-on duffle I can’t travel without, this random assortment of items has seen me through many occasions. Shop them below in case you’re curious and like random but useful things as much as I do.


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