3 Types of Gun Holsters

These days, many people carry guns in a concealed or open manner. They do so by using different kinds of gun holders, such as belt holsters. Check out this list of three types of gun holsters.

1. Pocket Holsters

Pocket holsters are hand-sized products that can be placed in one’s pant pocket. They are fairly thin and extremely lightweight. Many of them can be placed in either the left or right pocket. Some can even be inserted into one’s back pocket. A multitude of pocket holsters are compatible with a variety of small guns, so the drawing process should be seamless for the various kinds of handguns placed within them. People who have concealed carry permits will often invest in pocket holsters.

2. Shoulder Holsters

Shoulder holsters are designed in a manner that is similar to a backpack. An individual can place them through each arm. Some shoulder holsters secure a person’s gun in a downward direction while others do so in an upward direction. A plethora of people have stated that shoulder holsters are very comfortable to wear and can be easily hidden underneath their jackets or suits. Most shoulder holsters are adjustable so people of different heights and builds can use them.

3. Ankle Holsters

A large number of law enforcement officials have ankle holsters. They use them to carry their backup weapons. Many ankle holsters have straps that one can wrap around his or her lower leg area. These straps are adjustable, so people of varying sizes can ensure that their holsters are placed around their legs snugly. The companies that craft ankle holsters often use breathable materials to make them so that those wearing them will not have to deal with excessive sweating or itching.

Gun holsters are incredibly useful. They are also quite affordable, so purchasing them should not break one’s budget.

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