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5 Creative Ways To Use Rubber Stamps

5 Creative Ways To Use Rubber Stamps

What do you think about when an image of rubber stamps strikes your conscience? Is it a frenzied accountant hitting ‘PAID’ on endless invoices? Is it a notary providing their official seal to mark the purchase of a new home? Or is it perhaps a designer decorating their scrapbook? The possibilities are plenty for using rubber stamps. But every one of them offers something different and valuable.

As already discussed, rubber stamps are not just limited to admin jobs. Indeed, the actuality is that the sale of rubber stamps accounts for more than 90% of retail businesses compared to individuals and artists. More so, it’s evident in how we think about the subject. And, if you’re wondering how to put a rubber stamp to its optimum use, you have arrived at a suitable space.

The article will discuss a few creative and profound uses of rubber stamps. One thing is for sure; using standard equipment brings joy to some people as they feel the urge to make the most of such tools. 

1. For children to focus in classes. 

In Africa, many teachers and private tutors use rubber stamps. Do you ask why and how? Well, it’s pretty simple. While making students exercise their books and puzzles, several teachers write words, such as sound, excellent, fair, and poor. This is a conventional and old way to reward pupils in school for their exemplary and substandard performances. However, times have changed, and we have to become more rewarding in a creative manner.

In the modern day and age, we must become charismatic and push children to do well in specific ways, like choosing rubber stamps in different colors. This will encourage children and boost their cognitive skills in understanding the importance of images and grading papers marked by rubber stamps. Are you driven by the idea of introducing rubber stamps to your kids or students? is the place for you.

2. Stamped Business Cards

Businesses have always spent an astonishing amount of money on rubber stamps to waste at the end of every calendar year. When they’re done with specific stamps, this leads to more purchases, which wastes money and resources. This occurs month after month. So, have you paid attention to how much money is spent buying rubber stamps for business purposes?

Here’s a viable solution for you. And trust the experts and give it a go. Have a rubber stamp redesigned to the business car size and in the color of your preference? Post that, produce your business cards. You’ll end up spending only on rubber stamps and nothing else. More so, the only cost is buying the paper on which your card will be printed. On the other hand, you eliminate the budgets of digital prints every time your business requires cards. 

3. Tailor-made Envelopes

If an individual uses envelopes in an organization, it’d be fair to say they’ll opt for tailor-made items with their names and designations. This is quite true for many businesses. However, every time they require these items, they must undergo a process to make special orders, which, in turn, induces more company costs.

As a consequence, if they wish to cut back on costs and budgets, an apparent solution is to own a stamp designed with the business name and the rest in specific colors of your choice. This way, you can buy completely black envelopes from an online store and use the stamp for customization purposes. This strategy will save printing money and produce an accessible impression. 

4. Creating a well-defined new soap

Everyone has leftover soap bars lying on the soap tray. And it would be a shame if you can’t find any or have never experienced this. If the answer’s negative, gather these bits from tubs, kitchen sinks, and bathroom sinks and melt them within the microwave or double boiler. Take note of using a non-stick mini-muffin pan or other molds on your preference. Once the soaps have undergone this process, let them settle and cool down for another 8-10 hours.

Once you’re past this, consider pressing your stamp into every soap bar to create a distinctive impression. You can easily promote a receptive look that makes a mark. Moreover, create square or preppy soaps with a personalized-letter address soap with an earthy design. Ultimately, you could advertise your brand or add a tree stamp to make it an organically-produced product for your consumers. Isn’t it creative enough? 

5. For anyone who’s planning a wedding

Weddings are supposed to be exciting if you’re a close part of the event. To say the least, it’s not that enticing when you’re just a guest. But that’s not what we’re talking about. Getting back on track, it would be great if you could deliver hundreds of envelopes with personalized text and information. Or suppose you wish to hand-draw monograms on Save The Date invitation cards. How would you do it?

Refer to a few creative ways to use stamps for the upcoming wedding ceremony.

  • Personalized monogram for RSVP cards, Save-the-Dates, wedding favors, or invitations
  • Decorative return addresses
  • Unique border or design for table signs

Consider embossing them with silver or gold powder to provide your stamps with an extra touch. And that’s it.

The verdict

As you now know, hundreds of ways exist to use and customize a rubber stamp. While one makes your life easier, the other adds another touch to it. However, as long as you enjoy its functionality and utility, the purpose is taken care of. 

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