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5 Pieces Of Jewellery To Enhance Your Work Wardrobe And Style Statement

5 Pieces Of Jewellery To Enhance Your Work Wardrobe And Style Statement

Thinking out of the box, gender normal is just a term now. Associating something with a particular gender is weirdly sexist, and honestly, we aren’t up for it. 

There were times when men adorned jewelry more than women did; they accessorized their clothing with a perfect pair of hats or rings, sometimes complementing bracelets that went well with their clothes. Jewelry adds a personal touch to the whole attire and mood. 

Be it stylish cufflinks or men’s Swarovski crystal bracelets; they keep things more accessorized and simple. These accessories elevate the personality and express your details.

Be it weddings or Christmas gatherings, a simple safe run of some beads here and there can make you look out of the crowd; well, that is the magic of personalized engineered accessories. Here are some of the jewelry ideas that can go along with almost everyday dress-up you can think of.


This piece of jewelry is the most loved and common piece of accessories that men don’t think twice before pairing them up perfectly. They are worn with blazers to add a classic touch to the formal attire.

Gold and copper metal studs look perfectly timeless, but even color designs are not out of trend. They add a funky touch to the style statement, making you look confident and bold. 

Remember, it’s your fashion statement, and it’s always on you how you wish to create it. 

Men’s bracelet:

Men’s bracelets are underrated pieces of jewelry that are ideal for both wedding formals and casual outings with friends. They go both with tuxedos and sweatshirts; it just depends on how confidently you carry them. Handmade men’s bracelets add a more personalized and classy touch to the whole mood. People notice even the smallest details, and adding any accessory enhances your outlook and confidence. 

Men’s ring:

Men’s jewelry mustn’t be limited to their wedding rings; of course, silver with a matte finish is an ideal choice for a wedding, but why limit the rings to a specific occasion.  A bold ring band with the correct size and weight adds a lot of personality to the whole attire. 

Tie Bars:

A solid silver offers a refined look to the whole office attire. You can express your style in your formal whites in your workplace with the benefit of securing the tie in its place. 

Men’s necklace and chains:

Maybe not much of an office-friendly piece, necklaces are preferably worn as casual attire. Long chains can also be worn inside a tuxedo just in case and go well with sweatshirts and hoodies. 

Crystal and health:

Crystals are known to promote the overall health of a person. It is known to raise energy and promote the overall well-being of a person. Wearing the right crystals helps in decision-making and stabilization of emotions. They are also known to protect from negative thoughts and vibes keeping them at bay.

Wearing crystal jewelry such as men’s Swarovski crystal bracelet and men’s Cuban link necklace helps the body close with the crystals and promote natural healing internally and externally.

Associating jewelry or any basic piece of art with gender is associating music with a particular genre of preference, which is wrong. How to wear a piece of jewelry should be answered with your own style choices and preferences until you find your choice absurd with your look, then you might want your partner’s help.

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