5 Simple Fashion Tips for the Western Chic Aesthetic



Western chic is a sartorial style that blends modern and urban fashion with Western undertones. If you are interested in trying out Western chic for yourself, here are five easy fashion tips to help you get started.

1. Add Some Fringe

Nothing screams Western fashion like a little fringe. A tasseled jacket, shirt, or skirt can be a fitting centerpiece for your outfit when paired with contemporary clothing. Wearing a fringed dress is another fun way to add some flair to your day.

2. Wear a Leather Belt

Though the leather belt had humble beginnings as a device used to hold one’s pants in place, it is now a prominent cowgirl accessory, regardless of whether or not it is truly needed. Accessorizing your belt with a trendy western belt buckle for women can help to personalize your attire.

3. Put On Your Cowboy Boots

Wearing cowboy boots is an iconic fashion statement. Cowboy boots have become so popular, in fact, that they have been incorporated into all kinds of styles that have nothing to do with their Western origins. However, they look quite fitting when featured in a country-inspired outfit.

4. Find a Cowboy Hat

When you want to go subtle on your Western wear, a nice, wide-brimmed hat will do the talking for you. Try on all your hats before purchasing to ensure that they complement the natural shape of your face.

5. Blending is Key

If you want to pull off the perfect outfit, make sure that it appears seamless. No single piece of your ensemble should stand out too much. And if it does draw a significant amount of visual attention, consider downplaying the rest of your attire so that your look doesn’t suffer as a result.

Follow the above fashion tips for a stunning Western homage the next time you feel like elevating your fashion game.

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