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5 Stylish Winter Layering Tips for Extremely Cold Weather

winter activities

If you live in a place where snow and freezing temperatures are common during the winter months, then you know there are different levels of cold weather. There’s the ever enjoyable sweater weather which gets the ball rolling and comes right before jacket season. These are both rather mild and are merely a precursor for no-nonsense cold weather days that require your warmest, coziest puffer jacket or a long wool coat with a selection of cold weather accessories. 

If you feel like you can’t stay warm on extremely cold winter days without looking like a bundled up snowman, you’re not alone. The secret to staying warm and blocking out the freezing weather with minimally bulky clothing is knowing how to layer correctly. This way, you’ll be able to dress stylishly, feel comfortable and, most importantly, stay warm for all your favorite winter activities! Here are a few stylish winter layering tips for extremely cold weather. 

1. Never Forget a Base Layer:

What’s the secret to keeping your outfits warm and stylish when the temperature drops unsettlingly low? Well, it’s all about your base layer. This bottom layer of clothing goes over your regular underwear and it can make or break your winter outfit in terms of warmth level. A base layer isn’t meant to be stylish or glamorous, but that’s okay because it goes unseen like a secret weapon underneath your more fashionable winter clothing

When choosing a base layer for extremely cold weather, go for a fitted long sleeve top. It should have a snug fit and feel like a second skin. Stay away from moisture-retaining fibers like cotton and go for materials like polyester, wool or nylon blends that will keep moisture away from the skin and help lock in your body heat. Keep the same guidelines in mind for long underwear bottoms (yes, they really do make a difference!) and winter socks. 

2. Keep It Fitted, Not Freezing:

Your second layer is all about keeping the heat close to your body and making sure there are no holes or gaps for cold air to get in. If you’re planning to head out for a few errands or any casual outing, you can keep things warm, stylish and low-key by throwing on a fitted turtleneck or tight sweater underneath thicker pieces that allow for more movement like cute cardigans or loose-fitting sweaters. 

3. Go Bold in the Cold:

You can never go wrong with a sleek, all-black winter outfit. It’s a great standby and perfect if you’re feeling rushed to get out the door. However, you can turn up the style factor when layering for winter weather by adding a bit of bold, unexpected color. To avoid looking like a preschool student who dressed themselves, add color sparingly at first in winter-inspired hues. Rich, deep jewel tones are easy to combine with one another and will help you create a classic look. For something a little more daring, layer one of your bright or printed trendy jackets over a black or neutral outfit to keep you feeling both warm and stylish. 

4. Find Your ‘It’ Coat:

Creating a stylish look is all about memorable, iconic pieces. For summertime, this might look like a statement bag or your favorite sandals. For winter weather, however, you can really bring out your personal style and create signature winter weather looks by wearing a nontraditional outer layer. While some stray from colorful or design-laden warm winter coats in fear that they’ll never be worn, you can make a statement coat feel like your own stylish cold weather uniform. 

5. Prioritize and Accessorize:

Would any cold weather outfit be complete without the addition of a few warm winter accessories? In terms of layering, the addition of an extra layer of warmth over your head, on your hands or around your neck can make all the difference. For style purposes, your winter accessories can be an opportunity to add color and a few finishing touches to your ensemble. 

Cover your head and ears with a cute knit beanie in classic black or a fun color! You can match your gloves and scarf to your hat color or choose another shade that complements the rest of your outfit. 

Layering is super important for extremely cold weather, but that doesn’t mean you have to sacrifice on style! Remember to keep warm, moisture-wicking materials close to your skin to create a base layer and then add thickness, color and accessories from there. Cute jewelry is always in style and is an easy finishing touch to your winter outfits. Remember these tips and stay warm and stylish all winter long! 

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