6 Shoe Trends That Work With Jeans, Shorts, Dresses, and Skirts


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While I’m a shoe person through and through, there is an instance when I fully understand how annoying non-versatile shoes can be, and that’s when I travel. I may want to pack a different pair of shoes for every outfit, but want and should are two very different things, and I do my very best to practice restraint when traveling. It’s made me realize the importance of having versatile shoes in one’s wardrobe. In fact, I’m much more motivated to buy a pair of shoes if they’re versatile enough for travel,

While selecting the six shoe trends below, I made a point to include ones that work with jeans, shorts, dresses, and skirts (AKA four spring staples), but really they’d work with just about anything. So if any of the following are true: You need new shoes, you like to travel, or you appreciate versatility, I encourage you to scroll through and learn about the latest versatile shoe trends and shop the most stylish pairs for your wardrobe. 


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