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7 Amazing Places To Visit With Friends

7 Amazing Places To Visit With Friends

Are you planning a vacation with your friend group? But not sure where to go? It happens to the best of us. Planning a trip with your partner is easy. The options are endless. You can go to Venice, Paris, or Rome. Even planning a family trip is easy. You can go to Disneyland, to Sydney, or even to Washington. But what about when planning a vacation with friends? You don’t want to end up looking at romantic monuments with your friends. You want to do fun activities, embark on endless adventures, and more. Right? Here are some options to help you plan the perfect vacation with friends.

Try one of these places for your next vacation with friends.

Costa Rica

Plan a trip to Costa Rica with your buddies. It has tropical beaches, incredible wildlife, beautiful landscapes, and more. Here, you can do multiple adventurous things with your pals. For instance, swim at the multiple beautiful beaches in your best swimwear. Visit the beautiful dormant volcano this city has. Enjoy the La Fortuna Waterfall and more. The city also has many thrilling activities to try. These include scuba diving, surfing, zip-lining, and more.


Known for its nightlife, food, and music, Nashville should be on your bucket list. The music city has many venues bustling with live music. Not only will you listen to wonderful music, but you will also learn a lot about it. First, visit the Grand Ole Opry, the reason country music is so famous. Here you can either catch a grand show with your friends. Or visit the backstage area for some history.

Another thing to check out is Broadway. Or, if you are feeling historical, go check out the Parthenon. Then, ride a bike or hike into the beautiful Warner Parks with your friends.

Reykjavik, Iceland

A beautiful and awesome destination, Reykjavik is perfect for a friend group. Watching the northern lights with your friends is a magical moment. Also, there are sand beaches, the Blue Lagoon, the Ring Road, and more to keep you company. When in Reykjavik, don’t forget to enjoy the swimming pools. This city alone has 18 swimming pools open to the public. Enjoy a chilled beverage while in the pool with your friends. Whale watching is another must-do activity to indulge in with friends. Experience the nightlife with your friends here. The streets are bustling with people eating and having fun. Listen to live music there or enjoy theater, opera, jazz, and more.

Manali, India

Manali in India is a famous destination for a group of friends. The mountains, happening vibe, and thrilling activities make it famous. Apart from trekking the mountains, indulge in other thrilling activities. These include zorbing, river rafting, quad biking, wildlife spotting, paragliding, and more.

Dubrovnik, Croatia

If your friend group loves ‘Game of Thrones,’ visit Dubrovnik. Explore the place, see “Kings Landing’ and other places reminiscent of the show. A group of friends will love hanging out in Croatia, as the country is affordable. It also has a few of the most beautiful beaches in Europe. Other things to do are visit Lokrum Island, Gornji Ugao Tower, and so on. The nightlife here is incredible. Lastly, if you love snorkeling, kayak to Betina Cave; it is the best place for snorkelers and art lovers.

Ladakh, India

Another beautiful mountain city in India, Ladakh, is incredible. Have a road trip from Leh to Ladakh to enjoy the beauty of the mountains. Enjoy thrilling activities on the ice when the river Zanskar freezes up in January and December. You can also visit the monasteries here to experience some peace and calm.

London, UK

London is perfect for a friend’s vacation. It is ideal as you can explore food, do adventurous things, see beautiful live shows, and more here. If you go in December, enjoying a winter wonderland is a must. Apart from museums and castles, a group can enjoy the nightlife. There are pubs, eateries, discs, and more to keep you engaged. Also, visit these nearby places in London. 

See, even Italy is fun with friends. You just have to plan it right. Skip the romantic monuments and find fun stuff to do with friends. India has so many places where friends can have extraordinary moments, like Goa, Manali, and more.

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