7 Outfit Ideas That Will Make It Look Like You Live in Paris (Even If You Don’t)


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French women are renowned for that je ne sais quoi, meaning that their ensembles are often effortless, modern, and well, chic. As a result, we cover this set’s style moves on the regular. You may remember this recent piece where we showcased how Parisians are styling relaxed tailored trousers. Up next, we wanted to focus on a few outfit formulas French women are wearing on the regular right now.

In fact, we were particularly inspired by this IG post with the caption, “Tell me you are French without telling me…” You’ll notice that the outfit is particularly elegant yet no-fuss. In essence, if you were to try out this look or one of the looks coming your way, you could totally give off that Parisian vibe—whether or not you live in Paris.

With all that in mind, keep scrolling to check out the outfit ideas Parisians approve of, featuring items like blazers, simple dresses, knits, and more. There are also shopping recommendations if you’re interested in re-creating one of the ensembles yourself. 


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