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7 Reasons Why You Should Get an Integrated Fridge for Your Kitchen

Integrated Fridge

When it comes to the kitchen, the fridge is a crucial appliance that needs to be carefully thought out before investing. 

Not only does it elevate your kitchen and improve how you store your food, but also having an integrated fridge that seamlessly blends with your kitchen can help take your kitchen to a whole other level, aesthetically wise. The benefits of having an integrated fridge in your kitchen are endless.

What Is an Integrated Fridge?

An integrated fridge is a kind of refrigerator designed to be built into kitchen cabinetry. Unlike freestanding fridges, which have visible sides, an integrated one doesn’t have any visible sides enabling them to blend seamlessly into the surrounding. 

Whether you’re looking for a fridge that has a clean and seamless look to it or you want to maximize the efficiency and storage space, read on to find out some of the benefits of an integrated fridge. 

What Brands Make Integrated Fridges

Various brands manufacture this type of fridge, these range from Andi-Co, to multiple companies, Sub Zero, Gaggenau, Thermador, Fisher, and Paykel. Depending on the exact kind of fridge you’d like, the options are endless. 

So why should you get an integrated fridge?

1. Sits Flush With Your Cabinets

One of the benefits of an integrated fridge is its ability to sit flush with your cabinets. Integrated fridges are built to blend thoroughly with the already existing cabinetry.  When comparing freestanding fridges to integrated models, a significant difference that most people notice is how well the cabinets and fridge integrate seamlessly. 

While most freestanding fridges will have clunky doors and handles that protrude, an integrated model already has specified measurements, ensuring that it’s flush with your other cabinetry. 

Additionally, if you don’t like things sticking out in your kitchen, an integrated fridge gets the job done, as you no longer have to worry about handles or the fridge’s body sticking out. 

2. It Can Be Customized To Fit the Kitchen Style

One of the most significant advantages of switching to an integrated fridge is the ability to match your cabinets to your fridge.  Whether your style is modern, cottage core, traditional, or country, an integrated fridge can come in handy in creating a seamless design throughout the whole space. 

Unlike their freestanding counterparts, integrated fridges come in various styles and finishes, so you can choose one that matches your kitchen decor. 

Whether you prefer a more modern, sleek design and are drawn towards a fridge with a stainless steel finish or more of a classic look and are looking to go more the wood route, an integrated fridge can help you customize your kitchen into the kitchen of your dreams. 

3. Integrated Fridges Are More Durable.

Standard fridges are made to last 8-10 years. While this life expectancy isn’t that bad, going with an integrated fridge can guarantee you double that expectancy. Not only are integrated fridges built to last, with high-quality materials and construction methods. They’re also less likely to be damaged during installation, as they’re designed to be fitted into a cabinet.

Whether you’re constantly cleaning the fridge or have it in a high-traffic area, the amount of scratches and accidental damage is minimized, and you can be assured that no damage passes past the cabinet doors. 

4. Increased value of the home 

An integrated fridge can increase the perceived value of your home. With a specific integrated fridge model, you can upgrade your kitchen to mimic that of a modern house. While all of this is perceived, an appliance upgrade can appeal to certain buyers. 

An inverted fridge can be seen as a convenient and unique feature that could make a house more appealing to some buyers, especially if they place a high value on practicality and innovation.

5. It provides a clean seamless design.

There’s nothing better than having a kitchen that looks and has a clean feel to it. This can be achieved in several ways, i.e., by removing clutter from the countertops, giving your cabinets a new paint coat, and having an integrated fridge. 

For the most part, an integrated fridge is hidden behind cabinetry, which makes it virtually invincible when the doors are closed; as a result, you are left with a clean-looking kitchen. Furthermore, an integrated fridge has no unsightly exposed sides that might take the focus off of the show’s star.  

6. Improved energy efficiency 

Integrated fridges are designed to be energy-efficient, which means that they use less energy than freestanding fridges. This is achieved in several ways:

  • Better insulation an integrated fridge is better insulated when compared to a freestanding fridge. This reduces the run time for the compressor, thus resulting in lower energy consumption. 
  • Sealed design: The sealed design of an integrated fridge helps reduce the amount of cold air lost when the door is opened. This means that the refrigerator does not have to work as hard to maintain the desired temperature, reducing energy consumption.

These are some of the components that make an integrated fridge better for the environment by helping to reduce your carbon footprint and eventually saving you money on your energy bills.

7. Increased storage capacity 

Another additional benefit of an integrated fridge is the increased storage capacity. You can choose from various sizes if you have a big family and prefer meal prepping for the week.

Depending on your kitchen, you can opt for a larger 72-inch wide fridge that can fit up to 17 grocery bags or a smaller size that will suit your needs and space.  

In addition to having size variations, you also have an optimized interior. This means you can make the most out of the space. Unlike a freestanding model, you’re much less likely to forget about produce banished to the back of the fridge. You can move shelves to fit larger and taller items, such as milk jugs and fruit cartons. 

Bottom Line

An integrated fridge in your house can offer numerous benefits making it a smart choice for those looking to upgrade their appliances. Not only can it provide practical and aesthetic advantages to your kitchen, but you also get easy access to the refrigerator, space savings, improved organization, better energy efficiency, and a unique and innovative design. Whether you are a busy home cook or simply looking for ways to make your kitchen more efficient and functional, an inverted fridge is an excellent option either way. 

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