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8 Items To Buy for a College Graduate

8 Items To Buy for a College Graduate

After years of hard work, a college graduate deserves a wonderful gift to mark the occasion. From luxury watches to luggage sets, here are a few gift ideas to celebrate this accomplishment.

Gift Idea No. 1: A Leather Laptop Bag for Work

Start your favorite college grad out on the right foot with a durable, attractive laptop bag for work. From pockets for chargers, writing utensils, notebooks, water bottles, and more, there are designs out there that will work for even the busiest college grad. These are some of the features of a leather laptop bag for work that you may consider:

  • With a handle, a strap, or both
  • Gold buckles or other accessories
  • Streamlined with a single zipper

Make it even more special by having your graduate’s initials monogrammed on the bag.

Gift Idea No. 2: Wireless Headphones

If they didn’t get a pair to use while studying, your college grad might get some mileage out of a pair of wireless headphones now. Whether they’re listening to podcasts to learn more about their career path or watching a movie to unwind after an intensive academic program, headphones are sure to come in handy. Wireless headphones can also often be used with video game systems along with smartphones and computers, making them a versatile gift.

Gift Idea No. 3: A Luxury Watch

A luxury wristwatch is an ideal gift for a young college grad just starting out in a career. This type of watch bestows a professional, polished appearance. Plus, it adds elegance to any work or casual outfit. On a practical note, a wristwatch can help the new grad to develop the valuable quality of punctuality. There are quite a few luxury brands out there to consider:


A Cartier watch is the perfect choice for a college graduate with a classic taste. Cartier offers watches for both men and women at a variety of price points. Known for elegant, classic designs with understated aesthetics, Cartier focuses on durability and precision. Cartier watches are available with metal and leather bands to match any grad’s taste.


A women’s or men’s Rolex watch carries an impressive reputation. One example is the Rolex Oyster Perpetual. This Rolex, with blue, white, silver, dark rhodium, and black face color options, has a stainless-steel bracelet, is made with durable sapphire crystal, and is self-winding. The baton indices give this style a modern touch. The Rolex Explorer has a stainless-steel bracelet with a fold-over clasp to keep it secure on your graduate’s wrist. Its black face and white baton indices give it a dramatic look. The three, six, and nine on this wristwatch are in Arabic numerals. It has a sapphire crystal and a sweeping second hand.


Breitling watches offer a sporty look for a new graduate. One idea is the Breitling Aviator 8. This watch displays the hours, minutes, and seconds along with the date. It’s also a chronograph. This timepiece is available with a blue or black face featuring a silver secondhand with red detail. Its automatic movement and sleek leather band make this wristwatch the perfect combination of practicality and great looks. The Breitling Navitimer 35 is an automatic wristwatch with elegance to spare. It has a unique beaded bezel and an alligator leather band. Powered by the Breitling Caliber 17 chronometer, it has plenty of styles to offer its wearer with baton indices, and a silver or turquoise face.

Gift Idea No. 4: A Luggage Set

Luggage is a suitable gift for a young person who is entering a travel-related career. A set of luggage with a carry-on, a medium-sized, and a large suitcase would be an impressive gift. Consider choosing suitcases that have a handle and spinner wheels for easy maneuvering.

Wheels aren’t the only consideration, though. Would your graduate like a set of hard-sided or soft-sided luggage? Other style features to consider are locking mechanisms, interior fabric patterns, and plenty of interior pockets to make packing easy.

When it comes to color, there are countless options available. A luggage set in rose gold would be a great idea for an individual who loves bright, metallic colors. Alternatively, luggage in charcoal gray or black would be an excellent choice for a graduate with more subtle tastes.

Gift Idea No. 5: A Coffee Maker

A coffee maker is sure to be a hit with most college graduates. A basic single-serve coffee maker is a fun idea for a graduate moving into a small apartment. Alternatively, you may want to go with a French press coffee maker for the individual who’s a coffee connoisseur! Other ideas include an espresso coffee maker, a stovetop model, or one with a pour-over design.

Gift Idea No. 6: A Custom Phone Case

This is a gift that your college graduate can look at and enjoy every day. A custom phone case can feature photos of the individual through their childhood and teenage years, or the customization design can center around the person’s college days with images of the school, quotes, and more. One of the best things about customizing a phone case is that you can be as creative as you want to be.

Gift Idea No. 7: A Framed Map of the World

A framed map of the world is a traditional gift for a college graduate. Not only is it a decorative item to display in an apartment, but it also stirs the imagination. Where will your graduate travel to in this new phase of his or her life? Another reason to go with this gift is that you can choose a map with colors, lettering, and an overall design that suits the tastes of the recipient. You can be creative when choosing the frame, too.

Gift Idea No. 8: An E-reader

An e-reader is a gift that’s useful at work and at home. Add a little bonus to the gift by loading it with inspiring titles for recent college graduates, or if the recipient is a voracious reader, get them a subscription to a book service like Amazon Kindle Unlimited or comics like Comixology. You can even go through your local library for similar programs.

Your College Graduate Deserves a Thoughtful Gift

When you give some thought to your gift choice, you’re contributing to this significant milestone in your loved one’s life.

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