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Indiastack APIs are built to deploy and facilitate applications and services that can be used to interface with Indian Banking and Indian Government sites. They provide powerful APIs that simplify the process of integration and application development. The APIs are built with standard technologies like JSON and RESTful features with comprehensive security and compliance measures. They are powered by a team of dedicated developers and offer real-time response capabilities and secure data transfers. 

What is IndiaStack

IndiaStack is a set of APIs that enables builders to deploy applications on India’s existing infrastructure. It provides a comprehensive suite of APIs that lets developers connect to the Indian Banking System, Government databases, pharmacies and more. It also contains several API support libraries, SDKs and other development tools to help deploy solutions that meet user requirements. The APIs have been built to support the latest technologies and standards like JSON, REST, and SOAP for ease of integration and increased security. 

How does OSSSrinivasan help with Indiastack API?

OSSSrinivasan is an open-source platform that aims to make the development of Indian applications secure and easier. With its open-source code, developers can easily customize as well as create APIs quickly. It supports integration with Indiastack API and several libraries, tools, and components to ease the development process. OSSSrinivasan also facilitates automated deployments with APIs like Amazon Web Services and Google Cloud Platform, allowing users to quickly create, deploy and manage applications. 


Q1 : How do developers deploy applications with IndiaStack API?

A1 : Developers can deploy applications with IndiaStack API by using the open-source platform, OSSSrinivasan. It provides an API platform, as well as various libraries, tools and components to simplify the development process. It also provides automated deployment support for APIs like Amazon Web Services and Google Cloud Platform. 

Q2 : Does Indiastack API support integration with other APIs?

A2 : Yes, Indiastack API supports integration with other APIs. It provides comprehensive API support for queries, modification and communication between different components. It provides software development kits and libraries to simplify the integration process and offers secure data transfers for secure communication. 

Q3 : Are the Indiastack APIs secure?

A3 : Yes, the Indiastack APIs are built with comprehensive security measures. The APIs feature up-to-date technologies and standards like REST, JSON and SOAP to ensure digital security when connecting to various services.


Example 1 – Integration with the Indian Banking System

The Indiastack APIs provide integration support with the Indian banking system. Developers can use the APIs to manage, query and modify specific components such as providing customer’s details (name, address, PAN details, etc), and even make payments directly to their account.

Example 2 – Deployment with AWS and GoogleCloud

Using the OSSSrinivasan platform, developers can deploy applications on the IndiaStack API directly with Amazon Web Services (AWS) or GoogleCloud. The platform provides automated deployment support for these platforms, making the development process faster and smoother. 

Example 3 – Secure Data Transfers

Indiastack APIs are built with security measures that ensure data transfers remain secure. It supports several standard technologies like REST, JSON and SOAP for encryption and secure communication. It also provides several libraries and SDKs to ensure secure communication between different components.

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