Beginner Cycling Tips: 8 Best Advice Ever



Are you starting a new adventure? Riding a bicycle for the first time is a massive adventure. Cycling is fun regardless of your reason-soaring gas prices, a hobby, or riding for health. However, there are a few things beginners should know. No, it’s not about whether your water bottles should match the cycle color. It has more to do with staying hydrated, safe, and healthy while riding.

It is always better to know the common pitfalls of cycling. It doesn’t matter whether you are a new or an expert cyclist. The most common thing to remember is to have fun while riding the bike. Here are a few things to remember when cycling for the first time.

Wear a helmet to protect your head.

Do you know many cyclists die due to head injuries? It is sad, especially since it is avoidable. Just wear a helmet to protect your head in case of an accident. Headgear can protect a cyclist from serious injury. When you are riding a bike, never forget to wear a helmet. Also, ensure that if someone is sitting behind you, ask them to wear a helmet too. Even kids riding bikes should always wear a helmet.

Wear padded shorts

Regarding the best cycling clothing and apparel, padded shorts should be on your list. An incredible pair of padded shorts ensure your backside doesn’t hurt much from cycling. It ensures you feel comfortable sitting on top of the saddle. It also decreases the chances of injury and pain.

The seat height should be just right.

If the bike’s seat height isn’t right, it will lead to problems. For instance, you will feel pain in your knees. You will also feel like your pedaling is underpowered. It happens when your seat is too low or too high. Cyclists who are just beginning now often make these mistakes. They keep the seat lower to ensure their feet can reach the ground. However, it can increase your risk of injuries. So, try a few saddle heights to get it correct according to your body.

Buy the right saddle.

Continuing from the above point, buy the right saddle. The height of the saddle matters, but so does buying the right one. Don’t go after the thickest padding. It will not give you the most comfortable ride. Instead, go for the longer seat, which also has a cutout. It is generally the best saddle type. However, try a few saddles before you finalize one.

Never ride with headphones on

Sure, everyone likes to listen to songs when in traffic. But cyclists can injure themselves badly if they are blasting music through headphones. You will not listen to the vehicles behind you. It can lead to accidents.

Learn the basics of maintaining your bike.

You don’t need a course in maintaining your bike. Yet, you need to know the basics. For instance, you must know how to lubricate your chain. It is necessary to know this. Otherwise, you will be spending lots of money at the shop. Also, lubricating the chain increases its life.

Another thing you must know is how to check the air in the tires. Knowing this will allow you to always have enough air in the tire. That helps prolong the life of your tires. Finally, learn a few more basics about maintaining the bike for a better ride.

Don’t ride too much too soon.

You will injure yourself if you ride too much, too soon. It is not a race. You don’t have to cover the most mileage in a day or two. Unless you are an expert, riding too much too soon will injure you. Take your time, build your stamina slowly, and ease in to give your body time to adjust to riding longer distances.

Keep your bike clean.

A new cyclist may be tired from riding bikes all day. Still, it’s no excuse to keep your bike dirty. Use hot water, soap, and a sponge to clean the bike. Most of the time, it will clean your bike out. However, if there is grime on the bike, you will need cleaning sprays.

Hopefully, these will allow you to have the best time ever riding a bike. It is fun and helps you be healthy, too.

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