Best Practices To Purchase Juzo Compression Socks, Juzo Pantyhose, And Others



Yes, it’s true. However, shopping for Juzo compression socks is tricky. Do you want to know the best practices to purchase Juzo compression socks? If yes, here’s the right page for you! Check out the best practices to select the right compression socks for yourself.

Conditions like lipedema, lymphedema, venous insufficiency, and other circulatory issues are taken care of with the right size, style, and compression level of Juzo compression socks. Because of this, Juzo has developed practice guidelines for buying compression socks, stockings, and sleeves. 

Follow the given steps for a great shopping experience!

  • The first step is to ask your medical provider about the duration of wearing a compression garment. 
  • The second step includes selecting the right compression garment for yourself. There are many options like full-stockings, thigh-high stockings, knee-high stockings, and so much more. Finally, medical practitioners will recommend a compression dosage. 
  • For instance – 15-20 mmHG is for support compression, 30-40mmHG is for moderate compression, 20-30mmHG is for mild compression, 40-50 mmHG is for firm compression. 

Once you have the prescription for compression socks, you’ll need to find a certified compression fitter. 

The right medical professional will help you navigate searching for the right compression garment that best fits you. In addition, certified fitters are available nationwide to help you with the sizes and compression fittings. Make sure your fitter knows the correct compression dosage. The fitter will pick a comfy compression garment that’s easy to put on and off, and best fits your style. Consider purchasing two or three compression stockings so that you can wear the other one after washing. Schedule an appointment for your next visit before leaving. 

However, if your body circumference or diameter changes, evaluate your measurements to determine your new garment size. 

Keep in mind all your medical issues with the use of the quality medical garment. All compression garments are not equal. Juzo compression garments adhere to the highest standards and are known for therapeutic effectiveness. 

Over the compression socks and stockings are not the same as Juzo medical compression garments. Athletic compression garments help your legs feel better. However, if you have a lymphatic medical condition, it might be dangerous to wear them. Also, do not use men or women compression stockings with limited sizing. A well-fitted, effective and comfortable garment will keep you moving and improve your lifestyle. 

Juzo compression socks will definitely help you stay comfy and healthy.

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