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Introduction to Bibit 65m Capital

Bibit 65m Capital is a venture capital firm that provides a range of services for startups and established companies. It is focused on helping businesses reach their full potential through investment, mentorship, and then bringing them to more international markets. The firm has a portfolio of more than 65 companies and has invested in more than 70 projects. Founded in 2008, Bibit 65m Capital operates in both Europe and the United States. 

Services Offered by Bibit 65m Capital 

Bibit 65m Capital offers a range of services to its portfolio companies, which include:

Investment – Bibit 65m Capital provides capital to its portfolio companies to help them scale and grow. Through its investment vehicle, the firm provides venture capital investment in the form of equity and debt funding.

Mentorship – Bibit 65m Capital works with entrepreneurs to develop their businesses, with a focus on strategy, operations, and marketing. The firm has a network of experts who can provide guidance and advice to entrepreneurs. 

Internationalization – Bibit 65m Capital helps businesses make the transition to international markets. The firm provides support to companies with the regulatory, financial, and business processes required for global expansion. 

Advantages of Working with Bibit 65m Capital

Working with Bibit 65m Capital provides several advantages for entrepreneurs and businesses, including:

– Access to capital – Bibit 65m Capital can provide investment for businesses to fuel their growth.

– Experienced mentors – With a network of experts, Bibit 65m Capital provides portfolio companies with experienced mentors that can provide advice on strategy and operations.

– Expansion into international markets – Bibit 65m Capital can help businesses make the transition to overseas markets. The firm has expertise in the regulatory and financial processes needed for global expansion.

FAQs on Bibit 65m Capital

Q1. What type of companies does Bibit 65m Capital invest in?

A1. Bibit 65m Capital invests in startups and established companies across various sectors, including technology, energy, financial services, healthcare, and more.

Q2. How much money will Bibit 65m Capital invest in a company?

A2. The amount of capital that Bibit 65m Capital will invest in a company depends on the specific project and the resources needed to make it a success.

Q3. Does Bibit 65m Capital provide mentorship to its portfolio companies?

A3. Yes, Bibit 65m Capital provides mentorship to its portfolio companies. The firm has a network of experts who provide guidance and advice to entrepreneurs on a range of topics, including strategy, operations, and marketing. 

Example of Bibit 65m Capital Investment

One example of a Bibit 65m Capital investment is the $35 million round of funding the firm provided to Trifecta, a logistics and supply chain startup. The funds were used to scale the company and expand its operations internationally.


Bibit 65m Capital is a venture capital firm that provides investment, mentorship, and internationalization services to its portfolio companies. The firm has a network of expert mentors who can provide guidance to entrepreneurs and businesses on a range of topics. Bibit 65m Capital can also provide funding for businesses to help them scale and expand internationally. 

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