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Canada-based theScore Inc. has been in the headlines recently with their recent announcement that they had successfully secured a Series A funding round of US$1 billion. This substantial amount of money, raised by major investors such as Fidelity Investments, KKR, and Mithril, is going to help propel theScore towards becoming a major player in the sports media and gaming industry. In this article, we will explore the potential effects this could have on the industry and what this might mean for theScore’s existing and future users. Additionally, we will provide a FAQ section featuring some of the related questions and examples of theScore’s success.

FAQ & Related Examples

Q: What will theScore do with the US$1 billion?

A: TheScore plans to use the US$1 billion to launch and expand their sports media, as well as their interactive gaming platform. They plan on investing in infrastructure, new hires and technology, and they will be looking to expand into other areas such as sports betting, fantasy sports and gambling.

Q: What effect will this have on the sports media industry?

A: As a major player in the sports media industry, theScore could potentially have a ripple effect on the industry at large. With the new additional funding, they will be able to expand further into new markets and potentially change the landscape of sports media.

Q: What related examples of theScore’s success can we look to?

A: TheScore has been extremely successful in recent years and has seen steady growth since their launch in 2012. For example, theScore recently acquired sports media company WinView for US$1.4 million, and their app has seen an impressive increase in user growth over the past few years, reaching over 7 million monthly active users in 2019. Additionally, their app was recently named one of the top sports apps of 2019 by App Annie, a firm that provides analytics products for app developers. 


The success of theScore and their recent US$1 billion Series A funding has been a major development in the sports media and gaming industry. With the additional funding, theScore has the opportunity to expand further into new markets and potentially disrupt the sports media industry. The related examples of success and their steady growth since their launch in 2012 are evidence that they are capable of doing just that. As theScore launches and expands with this new additional funding, the impact that they have is yet to be seen, only time will tell. 

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