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How to Choose and Install a Jacuzzi Tub?

jacuzzi tub

Modern whirlpool baths have long been viewed as a separate category of sanitary products. This is due to the achievement of this type of equipment at a high level of development. Today’s jacuzzis – this is how whirlpool baths are called differently- are produced in a variety of models, technical and design solutions. The number of manufacturers is just as large- with a general recognition of Germany’s leadership in the field of hot tubs and jacuzzis. 

Jacuzzi device

For a full-fledged arrangement of a jacuzzi tub, you need to imagine in general terms its schematic diagram. By the way, it is correct to say – baths, but the information field has not yet been cleared of the wrong term – “bathroom with hydromassage”, meaning a room, not a device.

The body of the hot tub, which does not fundamentally differ from the usual one, is equipped with nozzles – special holes for the release of a water jet under pressure. The nozzles are positioned taking into account the impact on important areas of the human body.

A water pump and cleverspa hot tub filters are located under the body, in some models there are several. The compressor can also be located there. This equipment generates intense water jets that affect the body. The water jet can be enriched with air or even ozone – such a mixture sparkling with the smallest bubbles has the most beneficial effect on a person.

In addition to this special equipment, the hot tub is equipped with conventional plumbing and sewerage fittings – a mixer, plug and play hot tubs, a siphon and an overflow. Luxurious models may have unusual devices, for example, a waterfall or lights.

Installation and connection of a hot tub

The technical complexity of such plumbing equipment makes the maintenance and repair of hot tubs a key condition for their installation. Such a bath should be located with the ability to access and maintain all the equipment used in it. This is why an experienced designer always views whirlpool baths as the most important prerequisite for the layout of the bathroom, including the rationale for redeveloping the bathroom and even the adjacent rooms.

The other conditions of the whirlpool bath are less important, but they should also be taken into account. Corner and rectangular housings can be placed compactly, while large, round configurations require free space. It is good to consider the possibilities of a comfortable approach to the hot tub, a place for some kind of warm-up or even a traditional massage.

Corner, rectangular and any other model should be placed on a solid, clean base. It is very far-sighted to consider the risk of breakage or leakage and take steps to waterproof the installation site. Whirlpool tub maintenance is much easier and more effective when the space underneath is neatly coated or firmly finished.

Model comparison and selection

Knowing how to choose a hot tub is important not only for a home craftsman, but also for a professional. When the possibilities of the installation site of such equipment have been studied and there are grounds for choosing the configuration and dimensions, other important parameters can be compared.

The most important parameter of whirlpool baths is the technical capabilities of hot tub modes. The buyer needs to match several important qualities, for example:

  1. The number of hydromassage modes and their features.
  2. Number of nozzles and cleverspa hot tub filters
  3. Control mechanism device.
  4. Depth and profile of the hull.
  5. Color, shape and other components of the design solution.

Each buyer and professional consultant may have their own methodology for such a difficult comparison and choice. It seems that the most correct decisions are made by those who confidently prioritize priorities – that is, decide which qualities are most important. Such an individual scale of values allows you to make a confident and methodical choice, and not endlessly rush from idea to idea.

Choice of configuration and material

For many, choosing and installing a hot tub boils down to determining its material and achieving a design match with the interior.

The most common models are acrylic. They combine the highest quality technical and design solutions. Acrylic models are presented in all price and quality categories. Acrylic hot tubs compare to other models:

  • Cast-iron bathtubs – the solidity and high comfort of such equipment somewhat reduces the possibilities of the Jacuzzi for technical reasons;
  • Plastic models are inferior in all respects to acrylic, but they are cheaper. Reinforcement of plastic makes it stronger;
  • Marble models – luxurious and of impeccable quality, but expensive, massive and fragile;
  • Steel models are the subject of constant debate on sound effects when bathing. In terms of reliability, its own weight and strength, steel is not inferior to other materials.

Buyers of corner models have a lot of doubts. Indeed, this type of arrangement can be made compact, and in expensive versions – luxurious, and luxury always requires a large area. Comparison of the external dimensions and the internal volume of the body shows that the most rational in terms of the use of volume and space are hot tub baths of a rectangular outline, a little less rational are the angular ones. Round baths, without exception, are large and spacious, and their comparison with other models, as a rule, is meaningless.

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