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Custom Reusable Bags : Practical and Fashionable

custom reusable shopping bags

Respect for nature is not only a position in life, but also an ultra-fashionable trend that has seriously influenced the entire world of the beauty industry. One of the big victories for environmentalists is the widespread fashion for custom reusable shopping bags. They are called eco bags or custom reusable shopping bags. It is environmentally friendly, practical and beautiful. 

A custom shopping bag is a fresh invention of the West – it has been well known to almost all the regions of the world. True, then they were called string bags without a claim. The modern eco-bag looks much more attractive than its Soviet counterparts, but the essence remains the same: lightweight, takes up little space and perfectly replaces plastic “polythene bags”. It turns out that custom reusable shopping bags are not only environmentally friendly, but also economical. We calculated: on average, the pleasure of walking with an advertisement for a neighboring supermarket on a package, a family costs about one and a half thousand dollars a year.

The most environmentally friendly bags will be made from natural materials. Well suited cotton or linen. For a more durable and practical option, choose a blend or synthetic fabric .

To create canvas shopping bags that’s perfect for your shopping lifestyle, consider the following:

  • If you like bright colors, then a custom shopping bag is the most suitable way to show it. Even acidic shades or completely unthinkable color combinations will be appropriate for this accessory;
  • If you like to run into the store “along the way”, choose a thin synthetic fabric. These custom reusable shopping bags will take up a minimum of space in your purse. Especially if you additionally sew a cover in which the bag will neatly and compactly wait in the wings;
  • If you buy a lot at once, you can buy a whole set of eco-bags in the same style. For your usual set of products, you can also provide specialized touch to your bags. For example, with a thermo-insulating lining for freezing or a waterproof lining for meat or other products that may leak;
  • If you only go shopping by car, small and stable shopper bags with a wide base will be especially convenient and will not tip over on bumps. If desired, the bottom of such an auto-eco-bag can be made solid using a tab, for example, from a cardboard box covered with a cloth, left over from household appliances. Then the shopping bag will not only be “resistant to motion sickness”, but also gently keep everything delicate and fragile from creasing;
  • If you have to carry a bag with groceries far away, make sure that the handles are wide enough so that they do not cut into your hand under the weight of the purchases. If you wish, you can make them long enough to carry the bag over your shoulder or you can find the best custom shopping bags online as per your style and color which you want.
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