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We have to start this particular topic by saying that diamond shape refers to its physical form, which means that it can be like pear or heart, and that is a most noticeable thing when it comes to it.

Of course, the shape is not the only thing that will help you evaluate diamonds, but it is a factor that will allow you to choose the best one for your loved ones as a special gift. Have in mind that four Cs are most important such as color, carat weight, cut and clarity.

If you wish to know about diamond rings appraisal and to get the perfect price for it, you can check for information online or consult with the experts of this precious stone. Meanwhile, we are here to present you information on diamond shapes that you should learn before you make up your mind:

Shape vs. Cut

It could be confusing at first to make a distinction between diamond’s cut and shape, because shape represents the overall perspective of the stone, while the cut is its ability to reflect light. Most diamond shapes are square, round, rectangular, pear-shaped, heart-shaped, marquise and oval.

The simplest way to distinguish these two perspectives is by understanding different shapes and comparing them with different cuts.

Diamond Cuts

Have in mind that diamond cut refers to angles and facets that it features such as its proportion, number and symmetry, and its ability to reflect light.

The grade for cut ranges from excellent, which means that it reflects light as much as possible and up to poor, that has a light that goes out of sides and the bottom of it.

A skillful diamond cut will reflect the same amount of light as possible out of the crystal den table, and it will appear almost brilliant and fiery.

The overall effects of the brilliance will have a direct impact on the value of diamond that you wish to find, and that is the most crucial factor if you want to evaluate one.

Most Popular Diamond Shapes

The first thing that you should remember when it comes to diamond shapes and cuts is that the most popular are round brilliant, and according to most sources at least three-fourths of diamonds are this particular type.

This is happening due to numerous reasons, and most rough diamonds feature at least two round diamonds that you can cut with the least amount of crystals.

At the same time, princess shape and round brilliant are standard because they have the highest quality cut and reflect light much better than other types especially due to their size.

At the same time, crystals are not symmetrically forward, or they can also have awkward inclusions that will make the round diamonds so brilliant and perfect in overall.

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Branded Shapes

At the same time, there are much more diamond shapes than the most common ones, and some of them are unknown outside the industry. For instance, some of them are made especially for owners and patented with this particular customization idea.

For instance, Jupiter features five sides, Half Dutch Rose and Hexagon features size, and Baroness and Queen features eight sides. They also look serious and aesthetically appealing for most people due to its customized shapes that will stand the test of time.

Things to Know about Shape when you are buying

  • How It Complements Your Hand – You should find a diamond ring that features a shape that will look amazingly on your finger. For instance, if you have shorter fingers, you should try elongated styles such as marquise, oval or pear diamonds. At the same time, you should avoid wide bands because that will provide the perspective of short fingers when compared with other types. You should have in mind that square shapes are perfect for women with long fingers because it will provide the illusion that their fingers are shorter.
  • Express Your Personality and Style – You should choose the diamond shape based on your personality, and this is the best advice that you can get if you wish to select an engagement ring for your loved ones. In case that your future spouse is traditional, she will enjoy somewhat in round diamond in a solitaire setting, and if she is romantic on the other hand, she would rather pick heart shaped pink diamond instead.
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