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What is the DOJ Trickbot Miami February Cimpanu Report?

The US Department of Justice’s Office of the Superintendent of Banks (OCC) released the “DOJ Trickbot Miami February Cimpanu” report on February 21st, 2020. The report revealed that Trickbot, a type of malicious software (malware), had been used by a Miami-based hacking group to infect over 100,000 computers between October 2019 and February 2020.

Overview of Cimpanu Report

The Cimpanu report document takes a close look at the Trickbot malware and how it was used by the Miami-based hacking group. It states that the group used the malware to “gain access to and steal personal information of over one hundred thousand computers” from users in the US, UK, Canada and elsewhere. The report gives instructions to help stop the spread of the malware, as well as providing information about the group behind it and how they were able to evade detection.

Examples of Infected Computers

The report highlighted examples of computers and networks that were found to be infected with the Trickbot malware. These examples illustrate the range of methods and techniques used by the Miami-based hacking group to infect and/or access computers and networks. Examples include:

  • The deployment of malicious code on a government website
  • Infiltration and backdoor access to corporate networks
  • Exploitation of vulnerable and outdated router firmware
  • Targeting of unpatched, vulnerable web applications
  • A malicious Excel macro sent via phishing emails


Q: What is Trickbot?

A: Trickbot is a type of malicious software (malware) used by hackers to gain access to, and potentially steal, personal information from computers and networks.

Q: How did the Miami-based hacking group use Trickbot?

A: The Miami-based hacking group used the Trickbot malware to gain access to personal information from computers and networks, as well as exploiting vulnerable router firmware, web applications and phishing emails.

Q: How can I protect myself against Trickbot?

A: Ensure that all of your computer systems are up to date with the latest security patches, and be vigilant against phishing emails and other suspicious activities. Additionally, consider using an antivirus software solution to help detect and remove malicious software. 

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