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What Do Drake’s “Knife Talk” Lyrics Mean? 


Drake’s “Knife Talk” is a song from his latest album Dark Lane Demo Tapes. It is a track with heavy 808 bass and ethereal synths and strings, produced by Wheezy and Pi’erre Bourne. The lyrics paint a vivid picture of the struggles of money, power and respect in the rap world. Drake has something to say about this culture and his message comes through clearly in the track. In this blog, we’ll take a more in-depth look at what “Knife Talk” is really about and decode some of the deeper meaning of the lyrics.

Lyrical Breakdown

The opening verse sets the tone of the song with Drake giving a brief warning to those who may want to come at him the wrong way. He pays serious respect to “the owners that taught him” and the “violence” the money and the fame has entrusted him with. He also acknowledges some of his accomplishments, letting us know that he is successful and respected. 

The chorus depicts five “knife moves” Drake uses to protect himself. The first “knife move” is ninja-like as he silhouette appears in the fog, then he forces himself with violent power and has to remain scattered in the city. His next “knife move” is a quick draw of his sword to defend himself and his allies. The third “knife move” is the dominating nature of the subtle threat he needs to make. Drake then closes off with a “knife move” which requires excessive use of power and later spends a mental thought with each scenario he could get caught in. 

The second verse of the song has Drake warning people to be responsible with the power they have and not let it go to their heads as it will eventually be their downfall. Next, Drake emphasizes on the paranoia of people around him as he “feels the tension rippling through the room”. He also comments on being overprotected with fear and worry which could appear as paranoia 

The Outro

The outro of the track brings together all the references together, “not everyone meant to be a king, I suggest the sword be the weapon”. This line basically is making a suggestion to follow his “knife moves”, which basically mean to use words and violence in a smart and strategic way, and not to use it to try to rule over others and get to a position of power. This last verse really emphasizes the importance of using power and resources responsibly and ethically.


All in all, “Knife Talk” is a track which really explores the power dynamics of the rap world and takes us on a journey through Drake’s personal experiences. It encourages people to be smart and responsible with the power they possess, while also giving a warning to those who want to try to overpower and rule others. 


Q1. What is the meaning of ‘Knife Talk’ lyrics by Drake?

A1. The lyrics of “Knife Talk” by Drake explore the power dynamics of the rap world. The song is about Drake warning people to be aware of the power they possess and to use it responsibly and ethically. He also encourages people to use their skills in a smart and strategic way, and not to use it to get to a position of power and control over others. 

Q2. Who produced the track “Knife Talk”?

A2. “Knife Talk” is produced by Wheezy and Pi’erre Bourne. 

Q3. What are the “knife moves” mentioned in the track? 

A3. The “knife moves” mentioned in the track include a silhouette appearing in the fog, drawing a sword to defend allies, dominating with a subtle threat, using excessive power and thinking about each scenario he could get caught in.

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