Emma Brooks Told Me Her Best-Kept Secret for Weightless, Damage-Free Hair


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Do you have a basic beauty philosophy or any advice that you would give other people about beauty? 

I believe that the prep is the biggest part. Before the actual makeup, I believe that the prep of the hair, the prep of the skin is gonna make you feel the best. If you wear a lot of makeup, and it’s wearing down on your skin, you feel kind of gross. But if you prep your skin and your hair or whatever it may be correctly while you’re styling it, you will feel very natural. I feel like feeling naturally pretty is way better than feeling like you’re wearing a bunch of hair products, a bunch of makeup, a bunch of skincare—it wears you down. Feeling as natural as possible makes me feel the best, at least. 

Paul Mitchell has really good ingredients in their haircare, and that’s another reason I love them so much. I’ve become pretty strict about the ingredients that go on my hair and the things that I use. I look at every single bottle that is presented to me. Even if my boyfriend is like, “I need help finding shampoo. Can you help me?” and we’re at Target, I’m just going through each bottle looking through the ingredients. I can just rely on Paul Mitchell to not have any of those minerals, sulfates, phthalates, alcohol—anything that your hair shouldn’t have is not going to be in there.

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