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The night is the perfect accomplice to go out and have fun. It could be a disco or chilling with your friends. However, the occasion becomes more complicated if you have to attend a marriage, a baptism or a sweet sixteen. For this type of circumstances, you must choose perfect evening dresses for your event. But before buying it, there are several factors that you should keep in mind. Like the color of your skin or the shape of your body. Knowing this last point will help you choose the ideal evening dress.

These evening dresses are some of the clothes that can not miss in your closet. They will save you from many troubles as they can be used in an infinity of nocturnal events. Choosing them cannot be something taken lightly. We know that each celebration has its standards of etiquette and formality, but with this kind of gown, it will always be the perfect choice because it brings together fundamental aspects in a good look: beauty, sensuality, elegance and glamor.

If you do not know how to define your body, it is best to start with celebrities complexion. Note their characteristics and identify your features as much as you can. Once achieved, determine the body shapes that most adapt to yours.

For that reason, here is some information so that you choose the model more according to your body’s constitution and do not fail in the attempt:

Curvy Body

If you have a voluptuous body, like the “hourglass,” follow this tips. This body type shows a bust and hip equivalent or of the same size and well-defined waist, marking a clear division. If you follow these characteristics, feel privileged. You will look fabulous with a glued dress that enhances your figure and fits your silhouette. Choose an outfit with a mermaid tail. Do not hide those incredible curves you have.

But you can be voluptuous in all aspects and have what is called “pear shape.” These bodies resemble this green fruit because of the round edges. That means you have a smaller torso but a much broader hip. This silhouette, worthy of a heart attack, although it could express one or more extra pounds, always looks thin, because its slim part attracts all the attention. Wearing a dress with halter neckline or with large accessories at the top will make them spill sensuality achieving balance.


Some women are slender and carry an inverted triangle that focuses all the attention on the shoulders, and their thin hips are at a disadvantage. These ladies should increase curves to their lower half, and disguise the hips. The type of peplum dress is the ideal design to create volume. You can also use a full skirt. If you are tall, you will emphasize the length of your legs.

At the same time, the tops with a neckline on the back will make you look radiant. But try to be closed in the front, so that the shoulders give their prominence and gain more uniform views.

Also, this item enter the figures of girls with a rectangular type of body. Don’t let that name scare you since you can give different dimensions to your whole body. The possibilities are endless.

Your best partner is the belt, this will accentuate the natural division of the female silhouette. The important thing is to emphasize that cut until it becomes evident. As we said, do not forget to play with all shapes, you can use dresses of two colors to create the curves. A different color for the upper and lower part. Try to be complementary colors and achieve a contrast. The produced visual effect will give you a more defined waist.

Complete figures

These figures merit structured necks to bring attention to the thinnest part of the body. The straight lines are paramount, so do not split the figure and everything flows in the best way.

To this type of body looks marveluos in the design of empire court, because it highlights the most stylized section of the torso and makes a beautiful fall. Try always to wear solid and commanding tones. This will help to stylize the figure.

Use these tips to look splendid in the evening dress of your choice. Remember to be yourself and make your style prevail. It is the most important thing always to be you.

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