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3 Styles of Evening Gowns Perfect for Hourglass Figure

Evening Gowns

How many times has it happened that you have chosen a fitted gown but it has failed to do justice to your frame! If you have an hourglass figure, chances are there that you would want to flaunt those curves too. While shopping for evening dresses (that will be an asset to your wardrobe for a long time), it is important to take your body type into consideration. 

Since an hourglass figure is the perfect body type, it becomes even more crucial to find a gown that will compliment it adequately. Below are the top 3 styles of evening gowns that will accentuate the curves effortlessly:

  • Mermaid Gowns

Let’s start with something obvious. Whenever we think of displaying our curves, this is the first style that comes to our minds. The fitted silhouette and the fishtail ending- it all ties up perfectly. But what becomes more important is to choose the neckline. Flattering necklines will certainly give you an upper hand to showcase your curves. A mermaid gown with a deep V neck or an off-shoulder neckline is something that can go a long way. 

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These are the long evening dresses that stand out in the evening dresses 2021 collection:

long evening dresses

  • Sheath Dresses with a Waist Divider

The benefit of an hourglass figure is that any dress contours to the shape quite easily. While sheath dresses are usually ideal for a straight figure, it goes well with hourglass type too. The waist divider can be anything- an embellished band or a simple wrap. It certainly gives a definition to your waistline and separates the upper half of the body from the lower half. Since it has a fitted silhouette, it flows along the line of your curves naturally and makes you look even more flattering. 

Check out the sexy evening dresses online:

sexy evening dresses online

  • Two-Piece Evening Gowns

The two-piece trend is yet to get more appreciation. It is sexy, stylish and most of all edgy. They say “save your best for the last” and that’s what we did. Since a two-piece gown displays the midriff and the skirt starts from the waist down, you get to flaunt your hourglass curves perfectly. Choose any skirt- flaring or fitted and get ready to make a statement at the next party. 

Here are the options that you’d like:

Two-Piece Evening Gowns

The above-mentioned styles are definitely most suitable for the hourglass body type but they are also capable of complimenting other curvy figures too. Choose the neckline and the silhouette accordingly and you’re good to go. You can also shop for short evening dresses for casual occasions like first date or brunch. Happy shopping!

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