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Every Fashion Editor on Our Team Owns This Specific Denim Style


I like to poll our fashion team every now and then to uncover the pieces everyone unanimously agrees are certified wardrobe staples. Hey, if certain pieces are go-tos for us, there’s a chance you, dear readers, may be interested as well. On the denim front, there are a few different cuts that reign supreme (like loose jeans), but there is actually one wash that every single one of our editors has in their rotation. Yep, I’m talking about medium-wash jeans.

This denim silhouette in that in-between shade of blue (not too light, not too dark) is classic and always in style and can easily be dressed up or down—hence the reason why we all covet it. While there are a ton of options out there, I rounded up the best medium-wash jeans in various shades for you below in case you’re looking to add a fresh pair to your wardrobe. I also included a bit of styling inspiration for your reference. 


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