Everyone In Fashion Is Talking About Juicy Couture Right Now—Here’s Why


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As a high schooler when Juicy Couture first burst onto the scene, visions of velour tracksuits are forever ingrained in my memory. It’s a weird time to have been a Y2K teenager, as the things I used to wear are now being worn ironically by people like Olivia Rodrigo and Bella Hadid. I could sit here and list those Y2K trends that have made a comeback, but I’m just here to talk about one today. 

Given that the velour tracksuits made famous by Juicy Couture basically defined the Y2K era, it’s not all that surprising that they’d be the next thing to make a comeback, and they did it with the help of one of the favorite brands of the 2020s, Ganni. Ganni and Juicy Couture have teamed up for an epic collection that includes halter tops, baseball caps, logo tees, and yes, the legendary velour tracksuit. Understandably, fashion people are buzzing about the genius collaboration. (Bonus: Everything is made from 100% certified organic cotton.) Scroll to shop your favorite pieces before they’re gone.


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