These are the stories making headlines in fashion on Monday.

Does fashion need to travel as much as it does?
The coronavirus pandemic, which is getting worse by the day, has forced the fashion industry to reexamine their business practices, such as flying across the world for a business meeting or holding shoots in far-flung, exotic locations. In a matter of days, the Covid-19 virus has forced those in the fashion industry to confront whether they really need to travel as much as they do. Sarah Willersdorf, global head of luxury at Boston Consulting Group, told Business of Fashion, “What the current environment is teaching all of us is that a lot can be done over video, especially with technology today, and that actually, travelling for one-off meetings or short meetings needs to be rethought.” {Business of Fashion}

How to talk to consumers during the coronavirus pandemic
Fashion and beauty industries are being forced to reevaluate how they connect with their customers in light of the coronavirus outbreak which has thrown the world into chaos. With customers self-quarantining or living in cities where the government has ordered stores to be closed, the best way to reach customers is online. With the pandemic on everyone’s minds, brands should be mindful and not send out aggressive sales and instead sensitively address their customer’s fears. {Business of Fashion}

Luxury brands gear up to deal with a massive inventory problem
Luxury brands are having to face the reality that due to the travel restrictions across much of the world, countries in lockdown and a decrease in Chinese shoppers due to the coronavirus pandemic, they are likely to have a large inventory buildup. In the past, high-end companies chose to burn excess stock to protect brand image, rather than discount their products. Deutsche Bank research analyst Francesca DiPasquantonio told Vogue Business, “The proportion of carry-over versus seasonal [products] is going to determine how big markdown risk is going to be…companies should be smart about it and potentially not throw away all the effort they have put into the collections that are currently not being sold.” {Vogue Business}

Our clothes tell our story: what happens when the narrative is just pajamas and sweats?
For the foreseeable future, there will be no excitement over choosing an outfit for a party or a power outfit for a business meeting. Coronavirus has forced many to work from home, where people stay in pajamas and sweats all day. In an examination of how clothing is a reflection of us, Robin Givhan for The Washington Post writes, “When we can no longer find a reason to consider our attire — even just a little bit, even for the briefest outing, we go silent. And our story, in all of its nuance, grandeur and humanity, goes untold. So as we isolate ourselves at home, our clothes can be our pep talk, an impassioned soliloquy.” {The Washington Post}

Dior postpones cruise show
Originally supposed to take place in Italy on May 9th, Dior has indefinitely postponed their cruise show. They join a long list of brands that have been forced to cancel or postpone their fashion shows due to the coronavirus outbreak. In a statement given to WWD, Dior said, “As a preventive measure, in accordance with instructions from public authorities, and to reinforce the coordination of international directives, the House of Dior has decided to postpone its cruise show in order to ensure the safety of all its employees, collaborators and guests.” {WWD}

Gigi Hadid covers Harper’s Bazaar’s April Issue
Gigi Hadid graces the cover of the April issue of Harper’s Bazaar. In the interview, she opens up to eight famous friends, Taylor Swift, Kendall Jenner, Serena Williams, Virgil Abloh, Jimmy Fallon, Blake Lively, Kacey Musgraves, and Antoni Porowski, discussing her hobbies, fears and favorite foods. The issue hits newsstands on March 24th.


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