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Fedora Hat for Men – History and Buying Guide

Fedora Hat

Fedora hats are immensely popular among men for numerous aesthetic qualities. The soft brims can be snapped down or up depending on the preference of the wearer. The crown is pinched typically in the front and at the sides, imparting a unique appearance.

Initially, Fedoras were more of a casual counterpart, but today it is seen as a perfect touch of elegance to formal outfits. Usually, men’s Fedora hat is designed of animal felt, but special designs are created from cotton, leather, linen and straw. Some exclusive varieties are also complemented with beautifully bright-colored ribbons near the crown base.

Towards the end of the 19th century, there was a debuted play named ‘Fedora.’ The protagonist, Princess Fedora Romazov wore a soft-brimmed Fedora in the play. Just shortly after that, this hat was adopted by the women’s rights movement as a symbol. This specific hat, later on, grew in popularity in the form of men’s hat because of its marvelous combination of withstanding inclement weather and stylishness.

With the turn of the century, these hats have made their way throughout history. And, now have become a part of men’s fashion statement. The popularity of this hat coincided with the U.S. prohibition and became consequently associated with gangster and bootleggers. Later on, the Fedora finds their way to the wardrobes of pop culture figurines and NFL coaches. In contemporary fashion, these hats have turned into the crux of an appearance for hipsters building a unique style among the vintage options.

Exclusive customization

The modern iteration has enabled customization options of the iconic hats. Now, a number of possibilities have come up for hat lovers – crushable and foldable Fedoras or the one where the wearer can change the shape to fit their crown. Again, some others come with decorative feathers placed into the ribbons or some other beautiful embellishments.

Typical classic men’s Fedoras come with a snap-brim that allows the wearer to change the shape as required. There is no particular, highly defined shape for Fedoras. A wide brim hat for men can measure normally around 2.5 inches. However, brim widths are available in various sizes. The height of the crown can even vary, the profile may be flat, curved, or towards the downward angle.

Finishing of the brim edge can be in 3 to 4 ways.

  • A folded edge

Here, the edge is properly tucked just underneath the brim, and carefully sewn to fit into place.

  • A raw cut edge
  • A ribbon edge

Generally, a grosgrain ribbon is sewn over the crown edge to finish.

  • Cavanaugh edge

The skills and machines to produce such finishing are no longer available.

Which color Fedora hat suits the best?

Generally, a hat is worn close to the face of the wearer. It’s essential that the color flatters the tone of your skin. If you are the one having pale skin, warm colors like rust or pink are definitely for you. However, it is quite easy when it comes to purchasing Fedora hats for darker skin. It’s suggested avoiding black if your skin color is on the extremely darker side.

Buying guide for Fedoras


When you shortlist the top brands for your Fedora, the buying process becomes smooth and easier. Undoubtedly, the products available with the best brands are far more expensive as compared to others, but there is no need to worry about the quality. Besides, the stability is on the higher side. Briefly, top-quality fedoras from brands are highly preferable because of their long shelf life.

We know that it is not easy to make a brand become famous in the market. Certainly, it’s not possible to compromise on the budget if you want to buy Fedoras from one of the best brands.

In addition, it’s important to mention that new brands with high-quality products are struggling to create goodwill in the market and among consumers. It’s possible to bag your product from them at reasonable prices because they are not yet famous.


The price varies according to the brand of the product, size, model numbers and other specifications. It’s quite possible that you come across some vendors offering Fedoras at affordable prices, and of course, it will attract numerous consumers. But if you are not fortunate enough, you may end up purchasing a worthless product, as it’s understandable that high-quality items are not available at cheap prices.

Contrasting and comparing the prices of numerous brands available online can be really a great idea before finalizing a specific Fedora. If you find any particular brand is charging more than any others, just check out if they have any special features to offer their customers.

Customer care service and warranty

You can get a real idea about the positive and negative sides of various models from a forum discussion or the old reviews posted by users.

Not all brands provide after-sales services and if you’re purchasing from one such brand that does not take any responsibility after selling their products, you may have to face a lot of hassle. Some brands do not attend to their customers even during the warranty period. So, it’s a wise choice to purchase Fedoras from companies having a high reputation for providing after sale services.

So now I guess you have enough idea about making the right choices for your Fedora hats. Don’t feel overwhelmed by the attractive designs, variety, and features when purchasing offline or online. Compare all the necessities as mentioned above to end up making a smart decision

Final verdict

Out there, we will come across multiple hats in the market. And Fedora hats actually top the list owing to their intricate designs and detailing. With the best item in hand, it actually saves our time and makes us feel comfortable. But a thorough research is worth it before investing in a Fedora. Get to first understand what you want and then compare durability, reliability and performance to make your final decision. You can click here to browse fedora hat collection from

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