From Someone Who Hasn’t Always Enjoyed Blush, This $20 Viral One Is It


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“This blush was a part of Rare Beauty’s original launch collection, and I knew it was going to be a star the second I tried it. (Its eventual virality on TikTok later proved my point.) I almost always prefer powder blush formulas because I feel like I have more control as far as placement and pigment, but this is the rare exception. (Sorry, I could not resist!) The colors are all beautiful, but I’m especially partial to Joy because it’s Selena Gomez’s favorite, and I think it gives my skin the most natural-looking flush—like I’ve been out in the sun and got that perfect dose of sun-kissed color. I also like that the blush comes in two different finishes: matte and radiant (the latter being my preferred). A little goes a super-long way, so each tube lasts forever, and even if you think you’ve gone completely overboard and applied too much product, you can truly blend your way to whatever saturation of color you want. Typically, just one or two dots on the tops of my cheekbones does the trick, and I’ve gone from Babushka to completely natural-looking in just minutes thanks to my handy Beautyblender. Another perk is that this blush really becomes one with your skin rather than just sitting on top of it. My mom is 74 years old, and she is literally obsessed with this blush. She swears it’s one of the only formulas that really melts into the skin and looks natural with her more mature (aka wrinkly—sorry, Mom!) skin texture. This blush has always been a 10/10 for me, and nothing has changed. I also always love a doe-foot. I mean, who doesn’t love a doe-foot?!”


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