FYI, You Need This: Benefit’s New Eyeliner Survived My Allergies and a Heat Wave


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Being a longtime liquid-eyeliner aficionado, I have certain requirements that liners must meet. They have to be highly pigmented (the blacker, the better); create sharp, precise lines; last all day; and be waterproof. Especially because I need an eyeliner that holds up well against my allergies, which is a new thing for me. My eyes will randomly water and burn. I didn’t have to deal with this a couple of years ago (yay for our bodies doing weird, random things as we get older!), and it’s still something I’m still sorting out with my doctor. But what I do know is that some of the eyeliners that I used to swear by don’t hold up as well against my random allergy attacks. Rude!

So now that’s something that’s always top of mind when I’m drawing my wing. I was really excited to try Benefit Cosmetics They’re Real! Xtreme Precision Liner ($24)—I’m still mourning the brand’s old, now-discontinued Magic Ink Liner, TBH—and already loved that it was in a red, rectangular tube. Not only does it stand out against my sea of black eyeliners, but the squared edges of the tube container make it easier to grip. The brush, which is a 0.1 millimeter tapered brush with flexible bristles, helps the product go onto my lid super precisely. I was able to draw a thin line and easily build it into thicker, razor-sharp lines. The formula passed my pigment requirements, as it was super black at first application, without me having to go over it again and again.


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