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A Comprehensive Guide for Clothes Shopping

A Comprehensive Guide for Clothes Shopping

Even the simplest things in life can get quite complicated if you don’t approach them from the right angle. For instance, going shopping for clothes can sound like an exciting idea until you start the actual process. Be sure to familiarize yourself with clothes from top brands such as Burberry. Here are tips to help you find great clothes. 

Keep a “fashion inspiration diary

The first thing you need to do, even when you aren’t ready to go clothing shopping, is to have a fashion inspiration notebook or diary. You can go the extra mile and use an Instagram collection or Pinterest board. The idea is to have a central place where you store or save all the photos of the stunning looks you come across. 

Digital formats are likely to work well since you’ll most likely come across these great designs on online platforms. The moment you come across a celebrity wearing something you like, take a screenshot or download the photo and then save it in your fashion folder. That way, you won’t have to start from scratch when you’re ready to start shopping for clothes. 

Analyze and deconstruct the looks

After accumulating a sizable collection of your inspiration in one place, it’s time to deconstruct them piece by piece. The point is that the look that the celebrity is sporting won’t please you in its entirety. For instance, you might like only the shoes, or any other piece but not the entire outfit. 

Here are some questions to help you put things into perspective: 

  • Do you actually love the outfit or you only love how they look on the person spotting them? (Not sure? Picture the exact outfit on a different person, would you still love it?)
  • Do you like the overall aesthetic vibe of the outfit? Is it preppy, boho-chic, Goth, or something else? Does it appeal to your personal style and preferences? 
  • Time to take apart the individual outfits. Is there any piece you already own? If so, how many other pieces do you need to emulate the same look? Of those remaining pieces, is there any that doesn’t appeal to you? 


Cross out the pieces that you don’t like

The next step is now to eliminate the pieces you don’t feel their vibe. Another thing to consider here is whether the look is here to stay or it will die in a few months’ time. Also, how regularly do you plan to wear the outfit if you buy it? And then, can you afford the piece? Remove anything that doesn’t fit in with your personal style, it’s just some hot air that will grow cold shortly or doesn’t fit in with your budget. 

Consider your budget

You need to decide the amount you’re going to spend on buying new clothes before going out for the actual shopping. There are several guidelines that can help you decide the amount of money you’ll spend. For instance, is the outfit going to be one-time wear and you forget about it or you’ll be spotting it regularly? If it’s a one-time outfit, it might make no economic sense to spend a fortune on it. If it’s your personal preference to have quantity over quality, you might also want to ask yourself just how much you’re willing to spend on the pieces.  The parting shot on this point is that it’s advisable to spend more on clothes you’ll be using frequently. 

Have a game plan 

Going shopping without a proper plan of what you’re going to do might turn out to be messy. Impulse buying often happens in cases where you’re not sure what you want and so anything will easily distract you. Regrets will come later when you look at a wardrobe that’s full of clothes that you’ve lost interest in wearing. However, when you determine what you’re going to buy and the budget the same for the same, you’ll find it easy to remain focused. 

You can also take the time to compare the prices for the same outfit from several sources. For instance, head over to several online stores and compare the price points. While at it, be on the lookout for shops that could be offering discounts. If you’ve got the time, you can also drop in physical stores near you and check out their price points. When you’ve got the best deal, go ahead and make the purchase. If you’re placing the order online, ensure you get your exact size and specify the color preference so that you get your exact fit.


These are the tips you’ll need for a successful clothes shopping experience. Remember, the pro top here is to start early and do your research so that when it’s time to go shopping, you know what you’re looking for and where to find it.

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