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Hope Sandoval 2022: A Year in Review

Hope Sandoval 2022: A Year in Review

Hope Sandoval, the iconic vocalist and songwriter known for her work with Mazzy Star and The Warm Inventions, had a productive and eventful 2022. Here’s a look at her year in review:

Studio Work and Upcoming Releases

  • Back in the Studio: In March 2022, Hope announced via her website that she was back in the studio working on new music. While the details are still under wraps, this exciting news sent ripples through the music community. Fans eagerly await the release of her next musical offering.

Collaborations: Hope continued to collaborate with other artists in 2022. Notably, she provided backing vocals on Elizabeth Hart’s album “Songs for Tres,” released in January 2022. Her signature ethereal vocals added a touch of magic to the album.

Public Appearances

  • Live Performances: Despite keeping a relatively low profile, Hope made select live appearances in 2022. She performed at the Primavera Sound Festival in Barcelona, Spain, in June. In September, she graced the stage at the Desert Daze festival in Perris, California.
  • Social Media Activity: While not as active as some artists, Hope occasionally posted updates on her Facebook and Instagram pages in 2022. These glimpses into her life and creative process offered fans a welcome connection with the enigmatic musician.

Continued Critical Acclaim

  • Legacy Recognized: Hope’s enduring influence in the music world was further solidified in 2022. Numerous articles and features highlighted her contributions to shoegaze and dream pop, solidifying her position as a pioneer of these genres.
  • New Discoveries: As new generations discover the music of Mazzy Star and The Warm Inventions, the fanbase continues to grow. This renewed interest ensures that Hope’s music will continue to resonate with listeners for years to come.

Looking Ahead to 2023

With new music in the works and a loyal fanbase eagerly awaiting its release, 2023 promises to be an exciting year for Hope Sandoval. Stay tuned for updates on upcoming releases, live performances, and other developments in the world of this captivating artist.


2022 was a significant year for Hope Sandoval. With news of new music in the works, collaborations with other artists, and continued critical acclaim, she maintained her position as a leading figure in the music world. Fans around the globe eagerly await the release of her next musical offering and look forward to seeing what the future holds for this captivating artist.


  1. When will Hope Sandoval release new music?

There is no official release date for Hope’s new music yet. However, she announced in March 2022 that she was back in the studio working on new material. Fans can follow her official website and social media pages for updates.

  1. Will Hope Sandoval tour in 2023?

While no official tour dates have been announced, Hope did make select live appearances in 2022. It’s possible that she will perform more live shows in 2023. Fans should keep an eye on her social media and website for updates.

  1. What is Hope Sandoval’s most popular song?

Hope is best known for her vocals in Mazzy Star’s hit song “Fade Into You.” This song has become a cult classic and continues to be popular with fans.

  1. What other genres has Hope Sandoval worked in?

In addition to shoegaze and dream pop, Hope has also explored other genres such as folk and electronica. Her collaborations with artists like Massive Attack and Psychic Ills showcase her versatility as a vocalist.

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