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Cursive is a lovely form of handwriting which is both stylish and elegant. It has become an increasingly popular form of lettering and is often used to add a special touch to projects or to provide a professional finish. Learning how to write an ‘s’ in cursive requires a bit of practice, but it is something that can easily be mastered with some patience and dedication. In this article, we’ll provide step-by-step instructions on how to do an ‘s’ in cursive, as well as explore some of the different variations that can be used to spruce up your handwriting. 

A Step-by-Step Guide 

Practice the Basics 

To learn how to write an ‘s’ in cursive, the first step is to practice the basic looping and curving movements. Start with a “7” loop and then curve it around and make a semicircle at the end. Practice this motion a few times to get a feel for the letter shape. Once you’ve got the basic motion down, you’ll be ready to start writing words and sentences. 

Start with Sentences 

Once you’ve got the basic shape of the ‘s’ down, start practicing with sentences. Write out simple sentences that focus on just the ‘s’ and other looping letters, like “Sam is silly” or “The cat has a scruffy tail”. This will help you get a feel for how the letter should be formed and integrated into sentences. 

Vary the Letter Shapes

The next step is to start experimenting with the shape of the letter. Try varying the size of the loop and the shape of the curve at the end. You may want to start by trying out the basic ‘s’ shape and then practice variations such as a ‘z’ shape, a backwards ‘s’ loop, or a double loop. These added variations can help add flair to your letters and give your handwriting a unique style. 

Practice Connecting Letters 

Once you’ve perfected your technique for writing the ‘s’, it’s time to start practicing connecting it with other letters. This is one of the main benefits of writing in cursive, as it allows you to seamlessly transition into other letters without having to lift your pen from the paper. Start by connecting the ‘s’ to the next letter in the sentence and practice flowing from one letter to the next without stopping. With enough practice, you’ll be able to effortlessly write sentences in beautiful, flowing cursive. 


Learning how to write an ‘s’ in cursive may seem like a daunting task, but with enough practice, it can easily be mastered. By following the steps outlined in this article, you’ll soon be able to write this letter with ease and confidence. Don’t forget to experiment with adding variations to add some more style to your handwriting, and don’t be afraid to practice connecting the ‘s’ with other letters to create beautiful, flowing cursive. With the right approach, anyone can master the art of writing in beautiful cursive.

Related FAQ’S: 

 What is the proper way to write an ‘s’ in cursive?

The proper way to write an ‘s’ in cursive is to start with a loop and then make a semicircle at the end of the loop. This letter can also be varied according to your personal style. 

How do I make sure my cursive writing looks nice?

The best way to ensure that your cursive writing looks nice is to practice regularly and focus on correct letter form. Be sure to experiment with variations on the letters and practice connecting them together for more graceful, flowing handwriting. 

Are there any tips for writing quickly in cursive?

One of the best tips for writing quickly in cursive is to focus on comfortably forming the letters without losing fluidity or form. Another helpful tip is to try and write in a consistent rhythm to ensure your handwriting looks neat and uniform. 

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