How To Find Your Best Engagement Ring?



It is not easy to choose the best engagement ring for your better half. After all, they will be your partner for life and you do not want to compromise on anything as the first ever significant memorial of your bond together. However, given to numerous choices in different shapes, sizes and carat weights, it becomes a really difficult task to choose that one ring that will suit the best to the expectations of your partner. Our dqstyle blog will help you in finding the best engagement ring by saving your search time.

Let us start with the first step first:

Find the shape of a diamond:
The best way to find the perfect shape of diamond for your loved one is that you must try to ask them to try some subtle designs. If it is a surprise that you are planning to give then it will be better than you take a picture of their hand and show it to the designer showroom itself. At times some of the shapes can accentuate the appearance of fingers through their designs. There are various shapes such as rose heart diamond shape, princess cut to shape, oval shape, round shapes, square shape etc.

What weight you may want to buy:
Selecting the right carat weight is based on two things- what kind of ring your partner wants to wear and what amount of money you want to spend on the engagement ring. Therefore, go on and find out the details of both the factors and then decide which design you prefer.

Judge your diamond on 4 Cs:
Our most important advice to the readers of this dqstyle blog is that when you go on to buy the diamond ring, it is better to judge it wholeheartedly on the following parameters of 4 Cs- color, clarity, cut and cost.

Color: Since we are not the perfectionists (most of us), it is fine with us if we do not find any major flaws in the design or color changing pattern. Some people even cannot distinguish in between gemstones and diamond stones. Therefore chose the best stone as per your color grade selection.

Clarity: Do not buy a diamond for the sake of buying. Diamonds are known for their sparkle and radiance. There are diamonds available in different ranges of clarity. One of the most popular bandwidth for deciding the clarity of a diamond is- VS1- VS2. Such diamonds are close to perfection to our eyes and rate lesser in price as compared to the truly flawless diamonds. Similarly, there are various other ranges and choose the best range for your engagement ring based on your satisfaction and budget.

Cut: The third significant point in our style blog is to identify the right stage of cut. Cut in a diamond can be responsible to define its radiance and brilliance. Also, the cut defines the shapes of the diamond. When we call a diamond as ‘ideal’ or ‘perfect’ in reality this qualification to the diamonds is given on the basis of their cuts only. Choose a diamond that can allow maximum light to enter as well as pass-through itself through various angles.

Cost: As per your capacity and requirement you will have to decide on a budget. You can tell your budgetary constraints to the shop and ask them to accordingly show you the available options. This will help in saving your time.

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