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How to Get ‘Cowboy Copper’ Hair Color This Season

How to Get ‘Cowboy Copper’ Hair Color This Season

As the seasons change and autumn’s gentle breeze ushers in cooler temperatures and shorter days, it’s time to venture into the exciting terrain of Fall 2023’s hottest hair color trend — cowboy copper. This isn’t your run-of-the-mill copper shade! It’s a tonal marvel that flawlessly blends the richness of brown with the allure of copper. So, don your hats and polish those spurs because we’re about to embark on an extensive journey through the intricacies of this trend and how you can help your clients achieve cowboy copper hair this fall. 

A Unique Tonal Masterpiece

A Unique Tonal Masterpiece

To fully grasp cowboy copper’s beauty, we must explore what distinguishes it from other coppery hues. This hair color trend is a tonal departure from traditional colors. Imagine the mesmerizing warmth of a campfire’s embers, and you’ll get the idea. It’s a harmonious blend of warm brown and orangish-red copper tones that creates a captivating look that’s as cozy as a cuddly flannel shirt on a crisp autumn evening.

Mastering the Art of Formulation

Now, let’s saddle up for the core of this journey — the art of formulation. To attain cowboy copper perfection, blending professional hair colors that fall within warm or golden color families is vital. This guarantees your clients won’t be saddled with brassy results. As you prepare your formula, analyzing the undertone of each shade becomes your compass to navigate these uncharted territories. Precision is the key to crafting the ideal hue, and using the right hair color developer is a must

The Role of Hair Color Developer

Hair color developer plays a crucial role in achieving cowboy copper perfection. This essential component ensures that the color penetrates the hair cuticle and delivers consistent, vibrant results. Choosing the right developer strength is essential, and a professional-grade product is a must for achieving the desired hue. As a professional colorist, it’s up to you to determine which developer volume is best suited to each client. Choosing the right one ensures a flawless finish while safeguarding clients’ hair against excessive damage. 

Adding Depth with Highlights

Suggest incorporating highlights for clients yearning to add some extra flair to their cowboy copper hair. Subtle golden or caramel highlights can elevate the overall look, creating dimension and depth that rivals the rolling hills of the Wild West. These highlights mirror how sunlight dances along the prairie at sunset, adding a naturally radiant touch to copper-colored hair.

Why Fall and Cowboy Copper Are a Perfect Match

Curious about why cowboy copper is such a hot hair trend for Fall 2023? The answer lies within the season itself — warmth and color. The rich, captivating tones of this hair color trend echo the fiery hues of autumn leaves and evoke feelings of chilly evenings spent gathered around a campfire. Whether your clients are clad in cozy sweaters, stylish scarves or even denim jackets, this color complements the fall fashion scene like a well-fitted glove. It exudes the warmth of crackling bonfires and the beauty of rustling leaves, making it a great choice for this cozy time of year. 

Caring for Cowboy Copper Manes

Once you’ve given your client flawless cowboy copper locks, it’s your duty to educate them on maintaining their mane’s vibrancy. Recommend using professional-grade shampoo and conditioner designed exclusively for color-treated hair. Encourage them not to wash their hair daily and use cool water when their locks need a thorough cleaning. This will do wonders for preserving the longevity of that stunning hue and ensuring it remains as vibrant as a desert sunset. 

Caring for Cowboy Copper Manes

Styling Ideas

Now that you know the fundamentals of cowboy copper hair color and how to create this in-demand look for your clients, let’s explore the exciting world of styling. This versatile hue pairs remarkably well with various hairstyles — from loose waves reminiscent of a prairie breeze to sleek, straight locks with a modern twist. It’s a shade that adapts to your client’s personality and preferences, making it a fantastic canvas for creative styling.

To truly show off the allure of cowboy copper, consider these styles that will have your clients turning heads wherever they go:

  • Sun-Kissed Waves: Create a look that mimics the play of sunlight on the open prairie. Curl the hair into loose, beachy waves, letting the radiant color shine. The result is a style that exudes warmth and radiance.
  • Sleek and Polished: For clients who prefer a more refined look, go for a sleek and straight style. The glossy copper strands will gleam like polished mahogany, creating a sophisticated and striking appearance suitable for any situation. 
  • Copper Ombre: Blend cowboy copper seamlessly with a darker brown at the roots, gradually transitioning to vibrant copper towards the tips. This ombre style adds depth and dimension, showcasing the versatility of this stunning hue.
  • Braided Elegance: Incorporate intricate braids into the hair to accentuate the multidimensional beauty of cowboy copper. Whether it’s a fishtail braid, a Dutch crown braid or a simple side braid, the rich tones will shine in every twist and turn.

Maintaining a Vibrant Autumnal Glow

When it comes to keeping this color looking its best, it’s vital to remind your client of the importance of maintenance. Encourage regular touch-up appointments to keep the color looking as fresh as a morning sunrise. Additionally, recommend using hair masks and serums to maintain hair health and shine. A healthy mane is a happy mane, after all.

Beyond the Basics: Creative Cowboy Copper Ideas

When it comes to cowboy copper hair, there’s no limit to creativity. Think about suggesting unique variations such as sunset glow or copper caramel. These exciting twists on the trend add a touch of personalization and exclusivity for your clients, making their cowboy copper experience truly one-of-a-kind.

Embrace the Cowboy Copper Craze

Embrace the Cowboy Copper Craze

Cowboy copper hair is the unrivaled star of fall 2023, offering warmth, sophistication and adaptability in one captivating shade. Whether you’re a seasoned professional or an aspiring stylist, mastering the art of this alluring hue will undoubtedly make your salon the ultimate destination for those seeking a dash of autumnal charm.

So, saddle up and embrace this hair color with confidence. Armed with the right knowledge, professional hair color products and a dash of creativity, you’ll be equipped to give your clients this incredible look. Giddy up, stylists, and let’s make this fall season unforgettable — one cowboy copper transformation at a time! 

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