How to Order Sexy Lingerie Teddys that Will Fit Perfectly



Buying clothes online can make most women a little bit anxious. Women’s clothing sizes are all over the place, and ordering something that’s actually the right fit can feel like a small miracle. Lingerie can be just as tricky—especially because you want to look your absolute best when you put it on. How can you ensure that you order a teddy that will fit you well and flatter your figure? Here are a few tips to help.

Measure Your Bust

Teddies are a single piece of lingerie designed to fit you from top to bottom, so it’s essential to know your measurements. (Even if you think you know them, it doesn’t hurt to measure again to ensure that you’re getting the correct size.) The first place to start is your cup and bust size. If you’re a 34C, your cup size is C, and your bust is 34. This should be on the tag of any bras you own. 

Double-check your bust size to ensure accuracy in your measurements (because many women aren’t wearing the right bra) with a bra on, using a measuring tape to measure around your back, just under your breast, following the strap of your bra. This should give you an accurate bust measurement.

Measure Your Waist

You want your teddy to hug and slim your waistline, so get a measurement here too. Your waist should be measured around your body, above your hip bone. This is typically right about the level of your belly button. If you’re unsure where to measure, bend to the side to find where your torso naturally creases. Wrap the tape measure around this area until it’s snug but not too tight. Make sure you’re not measuring too low, or you won’t get an accurate measurement.

Measure Your Hips

The final measurement you’ll need for a well-fitted teddy is your hips. Many women measure too high up when measuring their hips. You should be wrapping the tape measure around the fullest part of your hips and rear. This will ensure that your teddy doesn’t dig in and create uncomfortable indentations in your skin.

Check the Size Guide

Once you have all of your measurements written down, check the size chart for the teddy you’re interested in purchasing. The seller should have a detailed chart that correlates their sizes to all of the measurements listed above, so you can find sexy lingerie teddys that fit you like a glove.

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