How To Properly Care For Your Glasses?

Few people think that for glasses to serve as long as possible, they just need to be carefully looked after. Eternal dust, fingerprints, dried drops, and other not more pleasant marks periodically appear on the surface of lenses and frames. This shortens the service life of the glasses, and gives us discomfort when wearing them, which is fraught with loss of visual acuity and quality, as well as eye strain. This is why it is incredibly important to take the time to clean your glasses every day and be clear about what it means to properly care for your glasses.

How To Wipe Your Glasses? 

Eyeglass cleaning cloth is a must when cleaning your glasses. It copes well with not very serious pollution; Due to the soft, lint-free surface, it can in no way scratch the glasses and leave annoying excess threads and fluff on the glass surface.  

Please note that the napkin itself must be washed periodically, perfectly with soap, so that it will better cope with its functions. 

Eyeglass cleaning cloth

If we talk about more severe pollution, then more serious intervention is required in the form of special sprays and means for cleaning glasses. They can be found in almost any optical store, and the selection is usually quite varied. 

And then there are wet wipes for cleaning- they have an antibacterial effect and perfectly cope with any dirt. And it’s a pleasure to use them, especially on the road, as they save you the hassle of lugging around heavier bottles of cleanser. 

How to Properly Care For Your Glasses? 

Any care of glasses involves following the rules for their storage- as soon as you remove glasses from your eyes, they must be removed in case- this way you protect the accessory from dust particles, dirt, and unintentional damage, which they may undergo while being left somewhere unattended. Even a beloved domestic animal can harm glasses simply by rubbing their fur against them. And how easy it is to press the glasses with something in your purse or purse- but the eyeglass pouches purchased from eyeglass pouches wholesale will 100% protect you from such a slip. 

What cannot be Used To Clean And Wipe Glasses? 

Everything is simple here- by any means not intended for this. For example, handkerchiefs or the edge of your clothes- no matter how soft the fabric may seem to you, its structure can be too embossed and rough, which means it is likely that it will leave micro-scratches and scuffs on the lenses. And of course, no vinegar and similar solutions – this will only harm and may even erase the coatings with which your glasses are equipped – for example, anti-reflective ones. 

And A Couple More Additional Life Hacks

We do not advise you to wear glasses on your head, like a hoop or bezel, and also to remove them from your eyes with one hand – these actions lead to deformation of the temples, which means that you will have to carry them to the workshop pretty soon.

You should not leave your glasses under the scorching sun, especially in the car on the dashboard, wherein the summer everything heats up to a temperature of more than 50 degrees turned on “oven” – due to heating or sudden overheating, the lenses may lose their properties, the lens coating may be irreparably damaged. For the same reason, you should not expose them to excessive hypothermia.

So, removing your glasses on time, wiping them during the day with a special microfiber cloth and periodically cleaning them with antibacterial agents, you will maximize the service life of your favorite accessory.

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