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How to Style Minimalist Jewelry: 5 Tips

How to Style Minimalist Jewelry

In case you’ve been really busy these past few years or just haven’t seemed to notice, minimalist jewelry is super popular. Minimalism in general had its day in the sun, and plenty of people still swear by it. If you’re looking to get into minimalist jewelry, it can be counterintuitively intimidating. All these pieces are so simple it feels like every choice is of extreme importance. Luckily, with a few useful tips, you’ll be a minimalist style pro in no time.

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How to Style Minimalist Jewelry

From pairing your favorite pieces to layering your necklaces and rings, here are our expert tips for styling minimalist jewelry for a sleek, timeless look.

  • Start with What You Like

Oftentimes, people run into the problem of wearing too much jewelry and trying to pare it down. In this case, though, we’re worried about the other extreme: you go too minimalist. Just because the styling of the jewelry is minimalist doesn’t necessarily mean you can only wear one or two pieces. Consider the things you already wear before building out a minimalist jewelry style. What do you like about your everyday jewelry? Do you like the look of multiple skinny bands or dainty layered necklaces? Whatever your preference, lean into that to create looks you’ll love.

  • Stick to the Classics

Classic pieces are always simple, yet timeless. Think about it. The classic gold ring has always and will always look good because of its simplicity and form. Minimalist engagement rings will always look good, so long as you lean towards the classic end of the spectrum. 

There are plenty of cool modern minimalist ring looks out there, don’t get us wrong. However, know that you’re hopping on a trend if you choose to go with a more modern minimalist look. If you don’t mind rolling the dice and hoping the trend sticks around, then have at it! If you want a sure thing, though, you want to stick to classic tried-and-true pieces.

  • Allow the Outfit to Do the Heavy Lifting…

Your jewelry is minimalist, but that doesn’t mean your outfit has to be. In some ways, pairing minimalist jewelry styles with more vibrant outfits can bring a nice balance to your look. You can really experiment with color here since your jewelry is going to take a back seat to the rest of your style, so consider this an opportunity to try out some new things.

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  • … Or Commit to the Minimalism

There’s also the other end of the spectrum. Pair your minimalist jewelry with minimalist stylings overall for a super clean and simple look. You can try to lean into a completely neutral outfit and let some simple gold pieces make a statement, all while maintaining a simple look throughout that fits the minimalist aesthetic.

  • Use Layers

Differing lengths of chains and necklaces can add a lot of depth when the pieces themselves are fairly simple. Really, minimalist jewelry is the only sort of jewelry you can pull off this look with. You’d have a really tough time layering bold, loud pieces, so consider throwing on a few different minimalist necklaces of varying lengths for a put-together look that’s stylish and easy to maintain.

FAQs About Minimalist Jewelry

Now that we’ve covered how to style minimalist jewelry, we know you might have some lingering questions about minimalist jewelry in general. Read on for further clarification.

Can I Wear Multiple Minimalist Pieces at Once?

Absolutely! Now, too much of a good thing is too much of a good thing. Even though minimalist pieces on their own are sleek and simple, too many of them in the same place will still look busy. Less is more here. For example, minimalist stackable wedding bands look great. If you’re wearing seven minimalist pieces in the same outfit, though, it doesn’t exactly look minimalist anymore.

Can I Mix Metals with Minimalist Jewelry?

Sure. Why not? Granted, if you’re going for a minimalist look overall, you probably want to stick to just one metal. For most minimalist styles, silver is going to make more sense than gold, though something like carbon fiber or black tungsten could also work. 

If you’re mixing metals, your best bet is to have one clear main metal and one or two pieces of a second metal as accents. Anything beyond that, and you’re branching out of the minimalist territory.

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Does Minimalist Jewelry Have to Be in Neutral Colors?

No, but it’s usually going to be. You can absolutely find some great minimalist pieces in gold and rose gold, but colorful gemstone pieces, for example, can be dainty when worn correctly. That said, there’s nothing about minimalist jewelry that requires it to be in neutral colors. Those pieces are just going to be easier to find.

Can Minimalist Jewelry Include a Statement Piece?

Totally! In fact, one of the best ways to spice up a minimalist look is with a bold statement piece. Granted, bold is relative here, and you probably still want to stick to the classics. You can do a bold necklace or some large earrings and make a solid statement while still being minimalist. That one statement piece can also allow everything else to seem even more minimal if that’s the look you’re going for.

Moving towards a minimalist aesthetic can be quite the journey, so give yourself some time. Once you’ve been doing it a while, though, you’ll forget you ever found it challenging. Just make sure you keep your pieces clean!

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