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Okay, I’m sure you guys know by now that I’m a little bit obsessed with creating glamorous makeup looks using ultra-affordable brands. I’m just really on a mission to prove that you don’t need to spend a ton of money on makeup if you don’t want to—using versatile and budget-friendly items can 100% get you there every time. Although there are plenty of solid drugstore makeup brands out there, there’s one affordable brand in particular that has always stuck out to me. I’m talking about none other than Morphe. I’ve been using Morphe products for years, and the brand genuinely always blows me away with its high-quality formulas at such a wallet-friendly price.

Naturally, a light bulb went off when I recently reached for my favorite Morphe item of all time (the Continuous Setting Mist). I decided I wanted to tap gifted makeup artist and TikTok star Meredith Duxbury to help me prove my point—being on a budget doesn’t mean you can’t create a few gorgeous, adaptable looks. Duxbury kindly obliged and didn’t disappoint. She taught me two glamorous looks using all Morphe products that can work for a night out or a natural daytime look. Keep scrolling below for her step-by-step guide to two captivating looks. 

I first start by applying the Morphe Filter Effect Foundation all over my face using my hands. I always love a full glam moment, so I add two to three coats of foundation. This foundation has such amazing coverage and makes your skin look so smooth. Then, I follow with concealer just in the areas you want to brighten up, like your under-eye area, T-zone, etc.”

After your foundation is all set, Duxbury recommends using a little bronzer to amp up the glam. Pro tip: You can also use a bronzer like this to contour.

Once I’m all bronzed and contoured, I move on to applying blush. For this look, I use the new Morphe Blush Balm Soft-Focus Cream Blush in the shade Notoriously Neutral. I love this blush because it feels like butter on my skin and melts right in with the most velvety texture. I apply this to the high points of my cheekbones with the Morphe R46 Cream and Powder Blush Brush ($14). This brush is so amazing and feels so soft on the skin.”

“I love using the 18V Va-Va Bloom Artistry Palette for my highlighter. Taking the shade Bloom, I apply that right onto the high points of my cheek bones using the Morphe R36 Pointed Highlighter Brush ($10). This shade gives such a glistening look to the cheekbones—I’m obsessed.”

For my eye look, I also use this palette. I begin with the shade Poise, and place that all over both of my lids using the R38 Round Blender Eyeshadow Brush ($9). Once that’s blended in, I use the R37 Pointed Blender Eyeshadow Brush ($8) and dip into the shade Miss Me and place that on the crease of my eyelid, bringing it out to the outer corner of the eyelid and blending it all in. To really smoke out the look, I use the shade Pardon Me and blend that right into the outer corner of my eye, pulling into the crease of my eye a little bit. Then, I move to the lower lash line and blend together the two shades Miss Me and Pardon Me. Lastly, for eye shadow, I add the shade Cutesy to the inner corner of both eyes for a little pop of shimmer. These eye shadows have the most elegant blush tones and look stunning next to the Blush Balm!”

Duxbury then moves on to lashes and always starts with this conditioning lash primer. 

After priming the lashes, Duxbury goes in with Morphe’s Make It Big Volumiizing Mascara to finish it off. “My lashes always look so voluminous after this step.”

Last but not least, I go in with the Jaclyn Cosmetics Poutspoken Lip Liner in the shade Unwrap Me and line my lips. I also apply it all over my lips to give them a beautiful pink color.”

I go ahead and set this all with the Morphe Continous Setting Mist, which smells amazing and keeps my makeup locked in all day.”

“To create this natural glam look, I first start by applying the Morphe Filter Effect Foundation with the R6 Flat Buffer Foundation Brush ($17). This foundation is versatile and buildable, so it allows us to go for a softer look for this makeup look by just using one coat. Once applied, I follow with concealer just in areas you want to brighten up.”

“After you’ve contoured and bronzed, it’s time for blush! For this look, I use the Blush Balm Soft-Focus Cream Blush in the shade Provacative Petal.” I love this blush shade because it gives such a flirty touch to any makeup look. I apply this to the high points of my cheekbones. I love how this cream blush gives such a dewy, glowy look and leaves you feeling super hydrated.”

“For highlighter, I’m going to use the 9P Petal Passion Artistry Palette and dip into the shade I’m Busy. I tap that on top of both cheekbones using my index finger to give a really soft, effortless look.

“For the eyes, we want to keep it super soft, so I start off with the shade Her from this palette. I blend that shade in all over the lid with the R38 Round Blender Eyeshadow Brush. Next, I take the shade It’s You with my fingertip and glide that right over both my lids. I absolutely love this pink shimmer, and it feels so smooth when it’s applied onto the eyes. On the lower lash line, I apply the shade Go To. This eye look is so cute and looks so beautiful paired with the dewy blush on the cheeks.”

To finish off the eyes again, Duxbury uses this lash primer for extra mascara grip. 

Add a few coats of this ultra-lengthening mascara, and it still looks soft, glamorous, and perfect for everyday wear. 

Set your look with the Continuous Setting Mist to lock it all in for the day.

This palette created by Jaclyn Hill is a total classic. It remains a best seller for the brand because it strikes the perfect balance between bolder hues and softer neutral colors. It’s so versatile, and you can create an array of day or night looks with it.

This cream-powder palette always makes my skin look so glossy and glowy. It brings a warm flush to the skin that looks so natural that you just look organically sun-kissed—even on the gloomiest of days.

This has been my go-to everyday palette for years. It’s fantastic, so I see why it’s still a best seller to this day. I love the way the shades complement my skin tone, and they’re just the perfect neutrals for everyday wear.

Everyone needs a good set of eye brushes, and Morphe ones literally never let me down. The quality for the price is always completely unmatched.

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