I Have Access to Wildly Expensive Moisturizers, But I Always Choose This $13 One


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I write about beauty for a living. Because of that, I get to try some really amazing and sometimes pricey products. And I have to say that is a work perk that never gets old. However, even with my ability to try sought-after prestige products, one jar of goop is always by my bed and in my purse: Aquaphor. Many moons ago, I read that Beyoncé would use Aquaphor on her skin before bed. While I’ve never used it on my face—even though the formula is both hypoallergenic and noncomedogenic—my skin loves it, especially when dry patches pop on my legs or I’ve overwashed my hands.

Before the TikTik slugging videos, dermatologist-recommended ointments like Aquaphor were on the outs. However, skincare pros haven’t stopped recommending it since its U.S. introduction in 1925. These days, the occulent formula is available in various sizes and still comes highly recommended for addressing skin concerns like dry skin. Keep reading to find the perfect fit for your routine.


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