I Have Super-Thick Hair—These Are the Only Clips That Actually Work


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My curls definitely err on the thick side, so I often opt for simple styles like a high bun or ponytail—they’re just easy and don’t require much maintenance throughout the day. But I’d be lying if I said I didn’t want to throw my hair into a cute claw clip every once in a while like most people—it’s such an effortlessly cool look. The problem is that most hair clips are truly not designed for thicker strands (especially if you have curls). 

Many of them are either too small and won’t stay clipped or just break too easily. Ugh. But rather than give up on my easy hair-styling dreams altogether, I decided to go on a quest to find the clips that are speaking the language of us thick-haired folks out there. Surprisingly, there are more great options out there than you think. If you relate and are looking for a few of the best hair clips for thick hair, keep reading below for a few highly rated options.


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