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I Just Got Off the Phone With Gigi Hadid—Her Packing Tips Are Life Changing


What is one of your favorite vacation memories? 

Wakeboarding in Tahiti is the best. [The water] is literally a bath—so warm and beautiful—so even if you fall, it doesn’t matter. I loved that.

What do you wear when wakeboarding?

When I’m doing water sports, I’m not going to go there with the outfit. I would rather be comfortable while wakeboarding. Usually a one-piece or a rashguard or at least bottoms that don’t tie. 

I’m sure you have packing down to a science with how often you travel for work. Do you have any tips for the less experienced traveler?

Oh, I’m known for it. I always show up for a four- or five-day job with a carry-on, and everyone’s like, “How did you do that?” My tips are to know your basics. You don’t have to be serving looks on a work trip especially, but even on a vacation, know your basics. Have your favorite bikini shape in a few colours. Bring a lot of accessories so you can wear your favourite bikini for a few days with something thin like a throw-on. Make it more about mixing the pieces you have into a few different outfits. Then, you’re just going to have a more pleasant time.

Are there any packing mishaps you’ve had that have taught you lessons?

My equation works if I remember all the pieces, but when you get there and you don’t have the cashmere sweats and that was one of the staple pants that you were going to bring, it can get tough. If you’re going to have an equation for the minimal packing, you have to have all of it. You can’t forget.

How has motherhood impacted your experience when packing and traveling?

I am a super organizer/list-maker, so when I’m traveling with Khai, it’s all about packing and double-checking the lists. Now when I travel alone, I feel like I’m forgetting something because I forget how easy it is to just pack for yourself. I don’t know if it’s made me different. It just brought out more of my organization because I’d rather forget something for myself than for her. I already was list obsessed and organized. It just made me more of a control freak probably.

If you had to choose one color scheme to revolve your vacation wardrobe around, what would it be?

My favorite colour is yellow. I would say yellow. White is pretty on vacation or a tan, some sort of neutral, and then maybe pink or lavender. Something girly.


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