I Live in Heels But Hate Being Uncomfortable—Out of 30 Pairs, 16 Passed the Test


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“When it comes to high heels, are you the kind of person that carries an extra pair of shoes in their bag or grins and bears it?” Someone recently asked me this and my answer was neither. My stubbornness and determination to walk everywhere is an interesting combination with the fact that I almost always wear high heels. The truth is that these personality traits just make me the perfect heel connoisseur. Instead of adjusting my lifestyle or mode of transport, I ask my shoes to step up and take on their side of the deal.

With the amount of space that shoes are currently taking up in my closet, I am expecting the best performance out of each and every pair that I own. Comfort is more than just a priority for me, it’s a requirement. So you bet that when I tell you that a pair of shoes is worth the buy, you can trust me.

After trying on exactly 32 pairs of shoes at Nordstrom, I can happily report back to you and say the 16 below will not disappoint when it comes to style or comfort—you deserve both. It was a tough decision not to include some of the trendy or it-shoes that I wanted to fit in here but my opinion is that no trend is worth the discomfort. You won’t regret your purchase when you shop the below shoes.


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