I Live in Knit Tops and These Are the Ones I’m Debating Buying For Summer


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Knit tops are a wardrobe essential in every sense of the word. Basics are clearly wardrobe essentials but I’d argue that the trendy styles are as well—especially in the summer when fashion tends to be a little looser and more fun. At the moment, I’m kind of overwhelmed by how good the knit top options are, so I’ve spent some time narrowing them down to my personal favorites. 

As much as I try to diversify my wardrobe, the thing I wear the most in the summer is knit tops—hands down. They’re easy and versatile and usually wrinkle-resistant, which are all good things when it comes to what to wear during the most carefree of seasons.

I scoured the internet for all of the most useful, trend-forward, compliment-worthy tops and found TK that are really excelling in every single way and come in at a variety of price points. Scroll to shop them along with me.


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