I Live in L.A. and My Style Is Minimalist—I’d Never Buy These 4 Items


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Jen Andrews-Cater is one Los Angeles-based influencer we turn to for effortless sartorial inspiration. She considers her style to be minimalist and perfectly embodies that low-key California aesthetic with go-to outfits that are made up of simple yet chic items. In fact, Andrews-Cater is quite specific about the pieces she’ll incorporate into her offering. On that note, she shared the items she’s currently into, along with the pieces she’d never buy because they just don’t fit within her vibe. We thought this list could be of interest in case you’re looking for a bit of shopping inspiration. Of course, remember that the tips in question are based on personal preference, and you should always buy and wear whatever you love.

Keep scrolling to check out the items this self-proclaimed fashion minimalist will and won’t wear this season. You’ll also notice styling references and a range of product recommendations in case you too want to incorporate one of Andrews-Cater’s favorite items into your own collection. 


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