I Made a List of the Best Under-$50 Spring Items at Nordstrom—Here You Go


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I often peruse through the new arrivals section at Nordstrom for my personal shopping and when I’m sourcing top-notch products to recommend in my various stories. Well, the spring fashion items are starting to trickle in more and more now, and let me say, the selection is good. Like, very good. In fact, it’s the assortment of those more affordable finds that really caught my attention.

That’s right. There’s quite a variety of A+ picks at Nordstrom right now that actually ring in under $50. Naturally, I wanted to make a list of my favorites for you. The edit runs the gamut, featuring everything from cute knits to layering tees to trendier staples. With all that in mind, keep scrolling to check out a few fun spring items. You just might find a new go-to piece with what’s coming your way.


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