I Raided My Facialist’s Medicine Cabinet—4 Cheap Finds I’m Trying Immediately


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Do you ever sit around and wonder what aestheticians are actually using that makes their skin look so dang good? If so, same. Most of the time, their routines are filled with high-end, medical-grade skincare, so yeah, that’s one reason. But you’d also be surprised to know they love wallet-friendly finds as much as we do.

Luckily for us, I was recently able to pick the brain of esteemed organic aesthetician Katie Sobelman when I got a next-level facial with her using all Luzern products. Sobelman is a big fan of the clean beauty brand for its unmatched ability to blend advanced cosmeceuticals with Swiss Alpine organics. Each product is thoroughly formulated and loaded with so many youth-promoting actives I could write an entirely separate book on them.

Needless to say, it was incredible to be able to experience the products. I’m wholeheartedly considering switching to an entire Luzern routine after hearing Sobelman talk about the products and the results she has seen after using them herself. In addition to all her knowledge about Luzern’s star ingredients, she also let me in on a few of her wallet-friendly skincare secrets. If you’re interested in Sobelman’s picks plus an entire breakdown of her a.m. and p.m. skincare routines, keep scrolling below.


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