I Think Every Shoe Style Goes With This Sharp Spring Trend


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Los Angeles–based influencer Janet Gunn is known for her effortlessly chic style. For her life in California, she prefers trends that are forward and highly versatile. In fact, there’s one key trend she’s wearing on repeat this season that fits this aesthetic. Yep, we’re talking about the relaxed-suiting look. “When it comes to dressing up for day or night, I prefer to put on a suit—not only is it a welcome alternative to the evening dress, but it’s also timeless and versatile,” she said. “I find wearing a suit lends itself to beauty, sharpness, and elegance.”

Gunn also enjoys wearing a relaxed suit right now because just about every shoe silhouette can pair flawlessly with it, as it’s so easy and versatile. To showcase this further, you’ll actually see how Gunn styles her favorite Zara suit with four different shoes below.

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